Reset, sort of…

I’m back from my much-anticipated 4-night trip to Orlando, FL for a work-related conference (American Society of Hematology if anyone is wondering).  I had high hopes of learning a lot, combined with a little rest and relaxation (ideally next to a pool with a fruity drink) to reset my motherly and wifely batteries.

It wasn’t exactly the trip of dreams, I mean I was traveling for work after all and attending a snoozer of conference for 8+ hours a day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  My hotel, albeit nice was very remote.  When looking at a map you think “oh it’s only 1 block from the ‘action’ of International drive”…and then you realize much like the Midwest 1-block equals 1 mile.  And after walking that dark scary lonely mile you arrive at a strip mall with chain restaurants and tacky stores.  Lets just say I did a lot of walking and I didn’t eat much.  And since the warmest it got was 70-degrees I didn’t get any pool side relaxation in either.  I honestly would have been more content in frigid downtown Chicago with its ample public transportation, great movie theaters, fun shopping and yummy dining establishments.

Me and Orlando didn’t get along very well and I don’t have any plans of going back anytime soon. I know I’ll have to go back at some point for the chaos that is Disney World but I plan on doing that one and one time only when both kids (Yes, we plan on having two.  No, I don’t know when the second will come) are old enough to schlep around without a stroller and remember the extravaganza so that we don’t have to repeat it ever again.

I did get to do a stupid amount of reading and I got to sleep in….and I didn’t have to change any dirty diapers…and no one cried or woke me up in the middle of the night.  I guess I should count my blessings.  Next time I’m going on a real trip for ME.  I just gotta figure out where I want to go.  Who is in?


  1. Ah, a trip for ME — someday. Alas, with our #2 already on the way, I think it will be awhile before I get a chance to get away for a reset trip. And I need to make sure everything is set enough at home so that I don’t come home to a husband who’s been driven insane and a disaster of a house.

    I’m not a huge fan of Orlando either. I’ve been twice, at age 10 and age 17, and that’s enough for me. The obligatory Disney World trip in 10 years or so, and then I think we’ll satisfy ourselves with Disneyland when we visit the fam in California. Albert and I have been trying to decide on a location for the “babymoon” we plan to take in March (yes, we’re actually planning to do that before #2 arrives and we don’t get to leave KC for months on end), and Florida is the obvious choice. We’re both hesitating though because Florida can seem kind of scary.

    • midwestkids says:

      We enjoyed Naples. Our resort (Ritz Carlton Golf Resort) was very quiet and cozy…they have a beach resort there that was nice as well.

      Hopefully I can get away before #2 is conceived. I would really like to get to EU in Sprin 2011. Or maybe Royce and I could go for a CME conference together (FREE!) in the spring too. To get both of us away though requires help and we don’t have many people beating down our doors to offer their assistance! So it may just be a trip to visit a friend in London…or some other EU territory.

      • That sounds like fun. I’d love to get back to EU too — it’s been years since I was there last (6 to be exact). Albert’s hardly been anywhere in Europe though so that’s a trip we’d like to make together. We’ve talked about aiming for 2012 for the two of us to make a trip there. I’m a fan of France myself:)

  2. I vividly recall my mom’s first “ME” trip — I was 5 and my sister was 2. My dad took care of us over a long weekend, and all I remember is the look on my mom’s face when she walked into the disaster area that was our living room. Funny enough, I don’t recall her taking any more “ME” vacations after that…

    • midwestkids says:

      Funny you mention that. The house was a little dis-orderly when I arrived back. Wednesday morning Royce told me how much better it looked (cause I spent all of Tuesday evening while he was working cleaning up after she went to bed!).

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