Thanksgiving, what a difference a year makes!

Me and My Turkey 2010

Last Thanksgiving Sydney was 5 days old, our friends made and delivered us the standard thanksgiving dinner sides, and I warmed up a pre-stuffed turkey breast from Trader Joes in the oven.  Last year Sydney slept on the table:

Don't eat the baby!

This year she sat at the table and sorta ate some of our spread:

Thankful for friends

What a difference a year makes!  I can say with confidence that this year was way more enjoyable.  Just looking at last years Turkey Photo makes me sleepy.

We had an enjoyable day spent with friends and food.  As in past years I rarely stray from the standard thanksgiving fare.  I find it too stressful to coordinate a bunch of new dishes on such a big day.  I do try to make one new recipe a year to mix things up and this year it was a Butternut Squash and Apple Cider Bisque.  It was fantastic, even Syd ate it!  I can’t say the same for the stuffing, or green-bean casserole…or even sadly the turkey.  She wasn’t into much.  I’ll blame her sickness which in addition to making her birthday miserable also killed her appetite.  She did take a liking to my pumpkin pie though.  Can you blame her?


I'm going to eat all your pie Mama!

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