Happy 1st Birthday Sydney!

I wish I could post that Sydney’s first birthday was magical and filled with joy and messy cake fun but it wasn’t.  Syd was sick…probably the sickest I’ve seen her this year and to top it off she was teething too.  She was home from day-care a bit the week prior to her birthday, and on the day of her birthday she took an Olympic length nap in the morning and when she woke up she had a 101.8 degree fever and wasn’t happy.  I promptly called/texted all our birthday party attendees to warn them of the potential germ situation since many of them had children as well.  Most didn’t come, some dropped off presents, but a select few fantastic friends (and one kid) came over to celebrate with our sick little Syd.  Not quite the party I had imagined but fun none-the-less.  I am always so thankful for my supportive friends that I have out here.  Sometimes they are what keep me afloat.


  1. Happy Birthday Sydney! High-five, Mom and Dad! You made it. (at least that’s how we felt :>)

    • midwestkids says:

      LOL!! That’s what I wanted to write! 1st year parents should get an award! Thanks for giving us the recognition we ‘deserved’. ; D

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