Dress Hodge Podge

We had Sydney’s 1-year photo session on Friday.  I really wanted to make her something to wear this time around.  I couldn’t be so lame as to put her into a $12 Carters outfit (sadly, like I did for her 6-month photos) for the documentation of her big 1-st year milestone.

I had bought some sweet Michael Miller fabric for my stash a while back and I knew the vibrant colors would be a perfect offset to her eyes and personality for our session.  I found inspiration from a fellow-blogger and located the out-of-print pattern (Simplicity #3808) on Ebay.  The pattern isn’t written as a reversible dress but it’s not hard to figure out how to do (and probably takes less time because there are less facing pieces to cut out).  Just to be safe I made a ‘dummy’ dress out of some fabric I had on hand.

Dummy Dress Side 1

Dummy Dress Side 2


Dummy Dress Pleat Detail

Needless to say I’m glad I made a ‘dummy’.   This dress was HUGE even though I made the size that corresponded the best to Syds height and weight (medium).  Not only was it too big but I wasn’t a fan of the pleats.  It instructs you to do it this odd way (which I did on side 1) but when I looked at the WRONG side of the fabric I thought the pleats looked way better than the RIGHT side of the fabric.  So on the brown side I did it the way I liked, and it is way more eye pleasing to me.  The dress was also way to long for Syd…too formal…she looked weird with a dress that went down to mid-calf.

With these notes in mind and with my favorite dress of hers (a insignificant cotton knit Carters tunic that is super-cute) by my side I just created my own pattern and set forth.

1-year Photo Shoot Dress Front

1-st year Photo Shoot Dress Back

I was really happy with the result. I really like the styling of the front and back yoke (a detail of her Carters dress that I think makes it so cute).  I didn’t make it ‘reversible’.  The blue polka dot layer is just long enough to act as a facing for the neck and arm holes.  I should have just made it reversible but I had a hard time figuring out how to hem the dummy dress (I tried sewing a hem with RIGHT sides together but when I turned it something wonky happened and I couldn’t get it turned back…does that make sense? probably not…I’m still befuddled as to why it wouldn’t turn either cause in my brain it makes sense).  I should have made covered buttons out of the blue polka-dot fabric but I didn’t have time to go to the fabric store to get the materials so I just used two boring old white buttons from my stash.  She wore it with a long-sleeved onesie and white leggings (yup I made those too from an old t-shirt).  Don’t worry…when our photographer sends us the images I’ll be sure to update you so you can check them out!


  1. Julie, you are a true designer. I always had to have a pattern so everything would turn out matching and even. I did draft many of my patterns, sometimes putting 2 or 3 patterns together. Your detail stitching looks great. Can’t wait to see the photos!


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