Our little stinker

I made Syd’s costume this year (McCalls #M6105), we figured a skunk was appropriate for her first Halloween!

The pattern wasn’t all that hard.  Basically a footed onesie made from black fleece with a back zipper.  Of course my technique and finishing weren’t all that stellar (she was only wearing it once for peet’s sake!) so it went together fairly fast.  The fur patches were sewn on mostly by hand, and the tail attaches with velcro.  The hood was probably the fussiest part to make…it even out fussed the zipper.  I had to make some alterations to the hood as it seems Sydney has no neck.  I didn’t rip out any stitches though…I just chopped off an inch from the bottom seam and called it ‘done’ (which means I didn’t put the seam back in I just straight stitched around the bottom).

The hood cracks me up…and she will probably wear it this winter as it is a double fleece layer that warmly covers her ears (not to mention she can’t tear it off easily!).

I took a stupid amount of photos.  I couldn’t pare down the best ones so just sit back, click, and enjoy!


  1. OMG, so cute!!

  2. i love that you even have the bottoms of the little paws (the feet) – adorable!


  1. […] #2068).  It was really easy to put together since it wasn’t a one piece deal like last years skunk.  The biggest problems were finding the fuzzy felt (not fleece, not felt, but fuzzy felt — […]

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