Oh yes we did!

This morning I got up dreading my day.  Syd is teething (translates to: not much fun to be around), and Royce was working my most hated weekend shift the 10a-7p (translates to:  he is gone the entire flipping day).

And then my friend Amanda posted on Facebook that she was going to the Rally (and the counter Rally)…and I got to thinking…who cares if Royce is working and I have to schlep a cranky teething Syd alone, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are going!

So I packed our bags and after her morning nap we headed out.

It was absolute CHAOS…especially the train ride downtown which I’m still trying to forget.  But it was awesome.  Sydney was a popular Rally baby.  Everyone loved her.  Can you really blame them?

Syd isn't afraid of fear or insanity!

It was inspirational to see millions of happy people… it almost gives me a wee feeling of hope for the future of this country.


  1. Glad you could come with us! Look at you getting your photos up so fast! I’m hoping to have mine up later tonight. I know I got some really cute ones of Syd. Such a cute Rally Baby!

    • midwestkids says:

      Cool! I may have to have you send me the files so that I can add them to our Flickr pool. Let me know if there are any of mine that you want…although all I really got were shots of the crowd.

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