11 months

Playing like a big girl

Syd turned 11 months yesterday!  We are well on our way to being the big “1” and I can’t wait!  Being a baby was fun but being a toddler seems like more fun.

The biggest milestone thus far this month would be walking.  Syd started the month being able to stand without assistance and by the end of the month I can definitely say she can walk.  She just wanders around the house now babbling or pushing her ‘mail cart’.  She can walk from the farthest corner in the kitchen to the front door (those of you not familiar with the layout of our house this is about 15+ feet).  It took a while to get good video of her walking.  Every time I tried she would take a few steps but then stop – drop – and crawl…in order to get to where she was going (mostly to attack the video camera) faster. This weekend when we were goofing around after lunch we finally got a good clip of her walking!  She had just finished lunch (chili) so she is top-less which is not the most ideal outfit for her walking debut, but we will take it!

This stage is definitely more fun than the infant stage but it can also have it’s moments too.  Sometimes at night she can get particularly fussy and will cry and fuss no matter what you do to entertain her.  When Royce isn’t home to help this can make for a rather long night for me.  I am still waiting for that ‘stage’ where she can happily play by herself for a while.  The challenge of figuring out how to walk has kept her pretty entertained but she is still a very ‘busy’ girl…just non-stop…even day-care doesn’t know how we keep up with her.  And my response to them is “we don’t”; I’ve gotten very used to cooking dinner with a screaming child at my feet.  As much as mommy would love to play on the floor from 5 PM til bedtime it’s just not a reality…at a minimum 30 mins needs to be spent getting us some food ready.  If only Sydney could understand that!

When she is in an agreeable mood (the mornings) she can be quite a delight.  I think that eating is her favorite past time…rarely a fuss from her during those times.  She is still eating solids very well, drinks two bottles a day (morning and bedtime), and takes cows-milk from  her sippy cup at day-care.  She is still sleeping very well at night (11 hours) and so-so during the day (morning nap 1.5 hours, afternoon nap <1 hour).  I’m looking forward to the 1 nap/day transition that should come as she gets older!

We are planning a small gathering of neighborhood friends for her 1-year celebration which will be here before I know it!


  1. Oh that sounds so familiar! How many meals have I made with a screaming toddler clinging to my legs?!? Thankfully Jake doesn’t do that very often anymore. He’s gotten much more independent in the last few months and will actually entertain himself while I’m working in the kitchen.

  2. What a great video, sooner rather than later you will be able to look back on it and wish you could go back. I would give up my delightful (almost 4 year old to have my little man who is just learning to walk. So far those have been the best day.

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