Yahoo! for a real vacation!

Royce and I leave tomorrow for our very first trip without Syd.  This is the first trip since Hilton Head in August of 2009 that even remotely can be classified as a “vacation” for us.  We have had penalty of trips since then but they fall short of my definition of “vacation”.  Mostly because they involve travel to Kansas City or Iowa and rarely do those states register on my “vacation” radar.  I think we have earned our time away…some may not agree with me, but we aren’t listening to them.

This trip should be nice and relaxing just as planned.  We have golf scheduled every morning (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and I’m sure after 18-holes our next stop will be the pool or beach.  Really it sounds fantastic and the weather in Naples is supposed to be bright, sunny and mild.  I may not return. 

Royce’s mother is staying to take care of Syd who unfortunately is a bit sick.  She has a hacking cough that keeps her up and last night was by-far the worst and she had a hard time staying asleep.  I hope tonight and the upcoming nights are easier for her (and us…and Grandma).  

To say we are extremely grateful to Grandma for taking care of Syd for us while we go frolic in Florida is an understatement.  Grandma successfully raised three kids so I know she will do just fine taking care of one sick kid for 5 days; but it’s still not easy to be in a strange house with a semi-strange kid with a baby-routine you haven’t had to think of in 35+ years.  I just hope all goes well so that that maybe we can do this again in the future!


  1. Have fun! I’m so jealous right now. Albert and I have not had a true “vacation” since our honeymoon in 2007 — almost 4 years! And never a trip anywhere without Jake:( Even though we go to California every year, that doesn’t count on my vacation radar either since we’re always there to visit family.

    • midwestkids says:

      I seriously don’t think I would be alive if I hadn’t taken a vacation since my Honeymoon. I don’t know how you guys do it. I get all panicky if I don’t have something ‘planned’ to look forward to!

      Even better, in December I have to go to Orlando for a conference…no kid…or husband. Mama is gonna do some SHOPPING! I picked my hotel based on the best pool. Oh and I’ll go to the convention a bit too. ; D

      And I agree…any trip that involves family automatically negates it from being a ‘vacation’.

  2. mandysmusings says:

    Color me jealous! I’m with Katie, no real vacation since right before I got pregnant. We’re always visiting family on our trips. We do talk fancifully of a vacation in Europe when the kids are big enough to fly to grandma’s house for a week. So we’ve still got quite a few years to wait. And save up. Have a great time in FL!

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