Things I need to take a video of

Syd making herself ‘dizzy’.

Syd walking.

You heard me right.  Our little bean took four steps yesterday and was even courageous enough to do it again later in the evening.  Mind you these aren’t big steps or even really stable steps, nor are they quick.  But she is standing up on her own and is capable of putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating it again.  In my world those are ‘first steps’.  And we even have witnesses.  I guess watching football on a Saturday afternoon at a friend’s house is boring enough for her to force herself to learn new tricks.

While I’m at it; in case you were wondering I’m sewing Syds Halloween costume and it’s so freaking cute I may just die of cuteness.

Here is hoping to more steps, and hopefully some videos in our near future!

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