Month 10

Syd turned 10-months old on September 21st.  Where does time go?

She is still a class-A wiggle worm.  This month she started cruising a bit more.  But the big development was her learning to stand up without the assistance of an object or piece of furniture.  She can just squat down and then stand up.  Ta-da!  The first time she did it I was poring a glass of wine one Friday evening and when I looked up she was just standing in the middle of our entryway which doesn’t have a single object to pull-up on within 4 feet.  I had to do a double-take because, honestly, it looked strange to just see her STANDING there.  It suddenly hit me that she is growing up.

We have been spending more time outdoors lately since the weather has gotten cooler (and our porch has gotten more comfortable with the acquisition of some rocking chairs).  We installed a swing on our porch for her a few weeks ago and she loves it.  It is now a daily part of our evenings to sit out there and do some swinging while she yells at the neighbors.

Chillin' on the porch, staring at the neighbor boys

She loves her walk-behind toys that they have at day-care. She will walk around pushing them until she pushes them into a wall and can’t go any further.  We don’t have toys like this at home (I’m a minimalist) but it is fun to see her use them at day-care.

Her bottle (and sippy-cup) strike is still ongoing.  I’ve got reassurance from friends and doctors that she won’t dehydrate herself and will drink when she is ready to.  She eats so much fruit she probably gets enough water that way.  Thankfully her solid intake is still awesome.  Last night she wolfed down a good-sized helping of spaghetti with meat sauce, a side of polenta and some cheese…and then she ate an adult serving of applesauce for desert.  To say she can pack-it-in is an understatement.

Chow time

Big development for me towards the end of this month is that I’ve stopped pumping at work.  Can you say “freedom”?  It is so nice to not lug that damn thing back and forth and wash all the supplies and pack everything up again for the next day.  I’ve pumped everyday for the last 10-months; I do not miss that machine.  Even if Syd decides to start drinking again from a cup we still have plenty in storage to appease her.  I’m still nursing in the mornings and at night but I’m hopeful to wean her from those feedings by 11 months; it will all sorta depend on the length of her strike.  Oh and Mama joined a golf league that plays on Saturday mornings this fall.  I almost feel like a normal member of society again!  Now if I could just get some clothes shopping done…

And lastly we still don’t have any chompers.  At this point we should be teething until she is 5.


  1. Sounds like she’s doing awesome! And really, don’t be in a hurry for those teeth. At this rate, this means that you’ll be able to put off cutting molars for a good long time, and let me tell you, that has been a NIGHTMARE at our house! We had a screaming child join us in bed at 4:45 this morning after he woke up from teething pain. Just what I needed on a Friday morning.

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