Bottle strike

Wednesday Sydney went on a bottle strike and she hasn’t had one since.  It’s very strange.  It’s not like she hasn’t been sucking down bottles since she was 1-week old.  She has been strictly bottle fed at day-care and breastfed at home (as long as I’m here, but if not she gets a bottle at home too).  I figured it was just her self-weaning down to 3 ‘milk’ feedings a day.  But when she refused a single bottle at day-care on Friday I began to worry…cause refusing a bottle at day-care means she only gets 2 ‘milk’ feedings a day and those both come from me.

And Friday night she refused the bedtime bottle from the baby-sitter and went to bed without milk (but slept the night so I’m not complaining).

And today she refused a bottle at 9, noon, and pretty much all afternoon until I finally gave in and breast-fed her at 4:00 PM

I’ve tried everything that I can think of; warm milk, cold milk, fresh milk, defrosted milk, milk in a familiar sippy cup, milk in new sippy cups, milk diluted with water.  She will take milk from a cup with no lid, but goodness it’s messy and time-consuming to give 6 oz of milk to a 10-month old this way.  Half the time she just wants to stick her hand in it and splash around and most the milk goes down her face and onto her bib so in the end I’m not sure how much she is really getting.

Bah. I don’t know what to do. I’m hoping like other times when I was at a loss (like when she wouldn’t eat solids or when she was showing sings of food allergies) and posted about it, the problem amazingly solved itself.

This problem just has a bit of a time-clock to it because Royce and me (and my boobs) leave for vacation in a couple of weeks without this little monster…and I’m afraid Grandma will have one hell of a visit if Syd is continuing this bottle strike.  Not to mention 4-days without breast milk sorta concerns me even if she is a good solid-food eater.


  1. Is she teething or does she have an ear infection? Two of my kids had issues with bottles with those situations.

    • midwestkids says:

      I think teething could be a possibility, and she keeps batting at her ears so it could be that too. Hmm. If only she could talk.

  2. Hopefully she’ll snap out of it soon (if she hasn’t already), and all will be well again. However, my mom reports that I threw away my bottle (literally) at 9 months and refused to take another one from that point forward. She had to use a regular cup with me from then on. And I like to think that I turned out fine:)

    • midwestkids says:

      So far she is still on her strike. I’m sure if she could make a picket it would say “Bottles are for Babies”. For now we are just putting BM in sippy cups, although she won’t take those now either (unless they have water in them…but we are out smarting her and she won’t get water again until she drinks BM from her sippy). I guess this is her way of ‘showing what she wants’ and of course she only wants to breastfeed. No sippys, bottles or regular cups; she refuses all. Little does she know I’m still weaning as planned. She is going to be one thirsty girl in a few weeks!

      • Well, I imagine that eventually the thirst will win out, and she’ll drink out the cup! When we were having a hard time getting Jake to take a bottle before I went back to work, our doctor reminded us that all babies have a strong survival instinct and eventually the thirst will win out. Then they’ll drink out of whatever you give them! I have confidence that you are more stubborn than she is:)

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