All weekends should be 3 days long

I actually feel refreshed for once.  The only thing that would have maybe made this weekend better —  if day-care were open today.  I know; I’m a horrible mother but sometimes a day at home alone with no kid is…well…refreshing.

So far we have had a BBQ, a trip to home depot, walks, swimming pool, and even..gasp!…I went for a run!  This is the first ‘exercise’ outside of Pilates and walking that I have done since probably March of 2009.  It felt oddly good in a painful way.  My legs are hurting today, but I’m hopeful that maybe later this week if the weather says cool, I can go again for another short run.  My five-fingers also felt nice, and what a perfect way to break them in since I felt like I had to re-learn how to run anyways.  I’ve been walking in them all spring/summer, but running in them is an entirely different ball-game.

I got some time to go through the photos that had been taken in the past month or so. This includes our trip to the Iowa State Fair and Gameday!  Syd wore her Hawkeye dress and fashion-forward home-made tights to cheer on the Hawkeyes to their first win of the season (although she had to nap about half-way through).  Click on the photo to see more.

Fancy Hawkeye Dress made by MOM

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