If you can’t say anything nice…

You shouldn’t say it at all.

Which is probably why I’ve been so quiet and lacking in posts.

August was not a good month, it just beat me down.  Between power outages, a hectic trip home, the sweltering heat, breaks in routine, annoyances at work, hosting visitors…I feel worn down, on edge, even angry?  Regardless; these are not good emotions to have as a mama of a exuberant 9-month old.  The worst realization is that I had expectations for relaxed trips, summer-fun, helpful engaged visitors.  I feel like I sorta got robbed, but I don’t want a re-do.

Routine is back and I’m so glad for it to be here. I am very thankful to the friends who reached out to me this month to help — without asking; without repayment; with  energy and love.  It brutally reminds me lucky I am to be surrounded by kind, willing, generous people, even when I feel I’m out here fending this mean world alone.

I’m ready for a transition; hoping the one to fall can kick-start more positive momentum.

I had hopes of getting photos uploaded and projects done this long weekend. Instead I think I’ll relax, watch football, reconnect with my husband, snuggle my wiggle-worm, go for a long walk, cook something fresh, bake something sinful…


  1. sounds like your weekend plans are just the transition you need! Enjoy the long weekend; savor the moments with Sydney – she’s growing so quickly, looking more like a toddler than an infant these days… first birthday will be here before you know it.

  2. I hear you–August was a b****! hope you have a nice relaxing long weekend!

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