Month 9 – stats update

We had our 9-month doctors appointment today so I want to update Sydney’s statistics.  We are a few weeks shy of her 9th month because I couldn’t get an appointment earlier.  Who knew the pediatricians office would be so busy with physicals for the start of the school year.  I suppose someday we will understand the cyclic schedule of back-to-school physicals!

She has bumped up in the percentages finally; no more below average baby!  We are above average for length and head size (if I had to choose two to be above average at those would be the ones!  I haven’t seen many people bragging about their fat baby lately).  Go Syd.  Or Go Genetics.  Who knows.  It’s still fun…

It’s been 3-months since we had new numbers so as a comparison Syd has gained 3 inches and 3 lbs 1 oz since her 6-month visit and her head has grown by 2 cm.  Now I can say we have a tall (28.5 inches; 73.3%), skinny (17lbs 13oz; 27%) baby with an above average head (45 cm; 75.6%).

The rest of the appointment went fine.  I got some confirmation on feeding schedules and teething remedies so that feels nice.  No shots this time around, but they did prick her finger for anemia and lead testing.  Next visit will be at 12-months!


  1. mandysmusings says:

    How did that finger prick go? Liam’s got to get lead tested this year, and I’ve been dreading it. My doc is sending me to some outside testing place for it. Wish they could have just done it in the office! Course, Liam doesn’t need any MORE reasons to hate going to the doctor’s…

    • midwestkids says:

      It didn’t go bad at all. She would pull her hand back to try to get it away from the nurse but there wasn’t any fussing or crying. More of like “hey, give me my hand back!”. I would be nervous to go outside too; they may as not have as much experience with kids compared to nurses at your pediatricians office!

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