Month 9

Miss Independent

Another fine month has gone by!  Syd is still crawling and pulling up on things.  She isn’t cruising a lot, but yesterday she did walk herself down the length of the coffee table to obtain the fun and exciting coaster she spotted.  I’m sure we will see more of this upcoming.

Syd finally found her appetite!  Yay!  At the beginning of the month we were in that annoying stage of “I don’t want to be spoon-fed but I’m not that good at feeding myself”.  Then we got sick and she wouldn’t eat anything but breast-milk and maybe the occasional puff.  But now she happily eats away at almost anything we put in front of her.  She will accept a spoon again and has mastered picking things up and finding that mouth hole to shove items in.  She is also good at ‘chewing’ (if you can call it that w/o teeth) items so our repertoire of finger foods has increased dramatically.  Actually there is little I won’t feed her and for the most part we are striving to have her eat whatever we are eating for dinner. Sometimes that isn’t possible, for instance when we make salads or are enjoying the occasional sushi night, but then leftovers can stand in nicely.  Regardless this makes it SO much easier since I don’t have to create a separate super soft bland baby meal.  I’m not afraid to give her spice anymore; not sure why I was in the first place.  Her favorite foods right now are cheese, polenta and peaches.  It is quite hysterical to watch her shove peaches in her mouth, and she eats them with such vigor!

Her personality is growing as well.  Total goof ball and loves to laugh when you laugh.  She also will snuggle into you when you pick her up and the other day she crawled into my lap and gave me a hug.  She will repeat simple noises to us as well.  Her favorites are the “razz” sound and “ah”.

Still no chompers; she seems to be teething, but honestly I can’t tell.  Pretty sure she should have some teeth by now but I won’t complain, they can take their sweet time!


  1. Actually, the average age for the first teeth is seven months, but many kids teeth later than that. The son of one of my good friend here didn’t get his first teeth until just past his first birthday!

    Sounds like Sydney may be a teether like Jake — slow and painful. I think Jake may FINALLY be cutting his incisors, after four months!

  2. I can’t believe she’s 9 months already! It is such a great time when they really are able to explore and interact with the environment around them.

    • midwestkids says:

      Isn’t it? It’s so fun to just sit and watch her explore. I sometimes feel bad because I don’t talk to her much; I just sit on the floor…and watch, amazed at how this little babe has turned into such a wiggly girl.

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