Lots going on; no time to update

The past few weeks have been a complete whirl-wind.

We left for Iowa on Thursday Aug 12th which will always in my mind be known as the suckiest of sucktastic days.  Everything that possibly could go wrong seemingly did.  I don’t necessarily want to re-hash it all but it went something like this:

Freak storm, power out (again), day-care closed, go get Syd, sit in a sponsor meeting with wet clothes and hair, roads flooded, lights-out, traffic, breast-milk melt?, airport-wait, wait some more, get on plane and wait again, wait for the 2000lb person to get off of plane so we can take off, finally ready for take-off, another freak storm hits, take off anyway, fear dying in fiery plane crash, arrive in DesMoines…wait some more because there is another plane at our arrival gate.

Our entire trip from boarding the plane to arriving in Iowa was somewhere between 4.5 and 5 hours; it should have been 2.  We could have flown to Paris in the amount of time it took us to get to Iowa.  That is sad.

Other than being extremely tardy for Syds bedtime that first night the rest of our trip was OK…not cozy per-say but OK.  It’s hard for Syd to sleep in strange rooms and pack n’ plays.  Didn’t help that we stayed one night in DesMoines, another in Shenandoah, and then we were back to DSM.  She was confused, cranky.  So was Mom.  Traveling this time was hard, not sure if it was the lack of sleep or the stress of leaving our power-less house.  It will take me a while to get the gall up to travel again with Sydney, not that she is a bad traveler, she did great on the plane, it’s the disruption to familiarity and routine that gets her (and me).  Changing time-zones doesn’t help much either.

The one highlight of the trip was that Syd seemed to find her appetite.  I sort of threw all caution out the window and she just ate whatever (starting sadly with Chicken McNugguts at the airport because I didn’t pack anything other than cheese and crackers since I thought our flight would be 2, not 5 hours).  I was also reading this book which gave me a pep-talk on how Syd could eat pretty much whatever we eat.  It was a great read with total laugh-out-loud moments (and I needed that on this trip).  Because of this she got a few tastes of milk-shake (chocolate, and strawberry) and the Iowa State fair proved the perfect time to introduce her to pork tenderloin.  And of course she had her first taste of DQ!

Yum! My first DQ!

I have a ton of pictures to up-load from the Iowa State Fair but that will have to wait for another day.

Thanks for checking in!  Oh and in case you are keeping track, our power was out for 24-hours this time, and yes…the liquid-gold survived yet again!


  1. Ya, makes such a difference when you start feeding them regular food! Jake got his first ice cream (tastes of a Wendy’s frosty) when he was about 8 months and we were flying to California. I’m almost sad to admit that now whenever we go get frozen custard, he gets his own little cup, and he just LOVES it!


  1. […] went out at 7 PM that night.  For those of you keeping track we lost it for 68 hours back in July, 24 hours in August and this recent storm was 50 hours for a whopping total of nearly 6 days without power within 6 […]

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