Yes, I’m THAT Mom

Tractors go put-put-put but I go VROOOM!

Yup, I’ve turned into *that* Mom who makes their kids dorky outfits for exciting events.  Like the IOWA STATE FAIR!!!

I’m so excited I can barely stand it.  It’s a toss-up if I’m more excited for the start of college football season, or the IOWA STATE FAIR.   Ok…I promise I will stop using all caps here soon.

Syd's first Iowa State Fair outfit

Anyways I happened upon the cutest of cute John Deere fabric and couldn’t resist.  Although honestly I’ve had this brewing in my brain ever since I knew we would be in Iowa for the Fair.

The shorts are from the filthy expensive Oliver + S pattern I bought a month ago.  I had hopes of making Syd that tea-party dress for this wedding we are going home for, but time has only allowed me to (trace) cut into the bloomer pattern.

I’m so excited that I have finally I found the perfect “bloomer” pattern that fits a baby-butt properly!!!  I made a “test” pair out of the same fabric I used for Syds sundress and you can see them featured in this video.  Not only were they a rockin’ test run they will also function as good bloomers to go with said sundress which Syd will be wearing to the wedding.   I embellished a bit on these though with the yellow bow…don’t be fooled, it’s not a proper drawstring; I didn’t have enough bias tape for that.  The onesie is just one from her stash and I sewed on a tractor from the fabric scraps left over.  I think it ties everything together and gives the outfit another touch of dorky-whimsy.

I’m pretty excited for her to take her new outfit for a spin at her first-ever Iowa State Fair.  Don’t worry; I’ll have my camera ready to capture the fun!

Oh and don’t you fret, her Iowa football outfit is coming soon!


  1. Love it!! Be prepared to take orders when you go (or come up with your polite decline now), as I’m sure you will have a ton of folks asking where this cute little outfit came from! Well done!

    Though I have to ask – ever think about taking special orders?

    • midwestkids says:

      I guess I better come up with a polite decline! I take special orders from special people. ; D A few friends are getting some Hawkeye garb for their new babies in a few weeks. I can’t handle much more than that…too time consuming.

      I dream of quitting my day job and starting an Etsy store filled with bags, baby bedding, and tiny clothes. Maybe someday in another life if we move back to the Midwest and Mama can’t find a job…someday…

  2. … and a highly successful Etsy store it would be!

  3. Whoa this is darling! I have never even tried an O+S pattern. No idea why. I think that is really tastefully done.

    • midwestkids says:

      I haven’t made anything other than these bloomers, but their new fall collection on their blog looks so darling I may just have to buy them all!

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