Month 8

I'm crawling so nothing can stop me now!

Wow what a month! Hands down the biggest milestone this month was her discovery of forward motion with crawling. We really saw the connection of sustained forward momentum the weekend of July 3rd when she was about 7.5 months old. Although her crawl isn’t the typical hands and knees crawl of most infants, she gets around just fine using her hands and feet…and looks mighty silly in the process! I’m assuming she does this to spare her knees which I’m not into covering up in this 100+ degree heat we have been experiencing. She is quick when she wants to be, and can also crawl decent distances. In the morning after I feed her I will set her on the floor in her room and she will crawl her way out to the kitchen where she will find me preparing for our day. She is completely infatuated with crawling over to the dog dish and splashing around. So much so that Charlie’s dishes have been moved to the stairwell landing that is nicely gated off with our baby-gate!

We still do not have any teeth yet, but I do believe she has been working on some in there as this month we saw in increase in generalized non-descript fussiness accompanied by the desire to chew on cold objects. I’m sure one will pop through any day now but I’ll relish the teeth free days that I have since we are still breastfeeding.

Her solid food eating is getting more peculiar. She is rather picky which is sort of driving me nuts and she doesn’t eat well at dinner so introducing new things to her can be difficult during the weekdays. Her best meal is breakfast (oatmeal with peaches, apples or mangoes) and she will typically eat some part of her lunch I send with her to daycare (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocados, or carrots). She did not take well to summer squash which is a disappointment because our CSA gives us so much zucchini each week. And she can’t stand peas which is weird because I think they taste really good puréed. She also won’t eat banana which is highly annoying because it’s something we almost always have on hand, and it’s easy to mash!

I can feed myself; sort of. Mom's camera phone is crappy btw...

We introduced cheerios, puffs and crackers this month too to help her work on her pincher grasp and self-feeding. Most of the time at dinner this is all she is interested in which provides good entertainment for us (she isn’t the most subtle of self-feeders). I can sometimes get her to take a few spoonfuls of something at dinner but mostly she isn’t interested. I’m hoping this trend soon fades as we start more finger foods for her soon.

I like to pull up on Mama

Lastly, the last week or so she has been really keen on pulling up on things. First she started climbing and pulling up on us when we would lay on the floor. Now though she will use baskets, shelves, or furniture to pull up to a standing position. She isn’t ‘cruising’ quite yet but I’m sure that will be something I will report in her 9-month update!

Soon I won't fall down and bash my head into things so Dad won't have to 'hold' me all the time.

Oh and she is quite fond of saying “da” which just sends Royce over the moon. She isn’t necessarily saying “da-da” in suggestion of him as her Da-da, but he probably wouldn’t admit to that.

For those of you who haven’t been following, the 6-8 month photo set is up on Flickr.


  1. 8 months already, wow! Just a thought about the foods – and I’m sure you’ve read a gazillion times – keep on trying. Nolan was (is) picky, too. I would feed him the banana or the peas and he’d love them! I’d think, great, now I know what to feed you… and he’d completely refuse the next time. I’m sure the converse could be true as well.

    Love those little red shorts, too cute!

    • midwestkids says:

      I know! I LOVE those shorts. She wears them at least 2 times a week. It was my winter sale find at Jainie and Jack! : D

      That’s funny; she will eat banana chunks if I stick them in her mouth but she won’t eat banana puree. Silly Sydney. She also appears to hate avocado now which was her favorite when we started.

  2. Amazing how fast they grow! Jake started to get really opinionated when it came to food, too, and that hasn’t stopped! One day he’ll love something and the next he’ll want nothing to do with it. For breakfast he’ll insist on self-feeding his entire meal, but for lunch he won’t eat a bite unless I spoon feed him. So much fun trying to guess the mood du jour! (And he still will NEVER eat bananas.)

    There must be something about that “da” sound. I will swear that Jake said ma-ma first at around 4-5 months (I know — highly unlikely it was said meaningfully), but he said “dada” ALL the time. He still uses his Ds all the time, although he does it purposefully now. “Dada” for daddy, and “duh duh” for doggie:)

    Good luck with your little crawler — looks like she’s still a sweetie!


  1. […] don’t know what to do. I’m hoping like other times when I was at a loss (like when she wouldn’t eat solids or when she was showing sings of food allergies) and posted about it, the problem amazingly solved […]

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