Dresses galore!

I got a bit carried away this week.  My sewing is like feast or famine.  It helps to have a  husband around to entertain the kids.  I better enjoy it while it lasts because he leaves town next week (but so do Syd and I for a short while).

As mentioned in previous posts I’ve been working on a dress fashioned from this sun-suit tutorial.  My first attempt was a big FAIL.  I fussed around with the crotch gussets and then when I moved to shirring I didn’t have the appropriate tension on my bobbin so it didn’t really shirr right.  It would have helped if this tutorial would say that as you sew, the garment should gather a bit.  The way it reads (and is photographed) your gathering seems to take place at the end when you ‘steam’ the garment.  I learned the hard way that steaming the garment gives you a bit of gather but not nearly enough.  Syd should be able to wear that failed top though, sometime when she is 2!

Attempt #2 was a success though!  I decided to skip the snaps that make it a romper entirely and go with a dress.  This fabric is really gauzy and wasn’t sturdy enough for snaps anyways.  In the end I decided to bring up the bottom of the tube to the last row of shirring and make a bubble dress (more like a tunic actually it could stand to be a bit longer).  Fastened with two little flower buttons I had from a random button bag I picked up at the fabric store and voila! you have the perfect summer frock for a very wiggly baby!  (Seriously you have no idea how  hard it was to get those 3 photos!!!)

You may be admiring the blue tights in those photos too.  And yes I made these as well.  I ran into this baby-tight tutorial and armed with a bag of tops I was getting ready to donate I set forth to see what I could fashion for Sydney.  I had to alter the pattern a bit for her ‘full volume’ legs and instead of making tights with feet I just used the bottom my top as the ‘bottom hem’ and made leggings instead! Now Syd can wear these cute dresses and protect her knees at the same time.  I seriously feel like I won the lottery.  In addition, not only am I able to recycle old ill-fitting garments, I’m getting more comfortable putting seams into knits!  Yay for me!

And I also made another dress out of the sweetest fabric around.  This pattern is so easy it’s almost embarrassing how many I could put together in an afternoon.


  1. Absolutely darling, love the fabrics! You can have an entire album just of Sydney modeling her adorable outfits!

  2. Janet Vest says:

    These were really cute. You are doing a great job!! Isn’t it fun. That is what sewing is all about. Enjoy. She is a beautiful baby–that is no surprise–great parents too.
    Love, Janet

  3. Ca-YUTE!!!


  1. […] a baby-butt properly!!!  I made a “test” pair out of the same fabric I used for Syds sundress and you can see them featured in this video.  Not only were they a rockin’ test run they will […]

  2. […]  Click on the “shoe fit” to see the rest.  Note, I made this top last summer and it was a good dress then but it’s a perfect top now (ignore the pants they don’t […]

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