I love the fact that Syd is finally on a schedule but I miss being able to stay out late with friends without wondering “If I don’t get back now I’ll have hell to pay”.  If we are out and don’t start her bedtime routine by 8 PM our hell is either 1) her screaming in the car for the entire drive back or 2) not going to sleep once we do get back.  Tonight I experienced #1 and since I was alone I just had to take the 45-min drive in stride.

I did discover that rolling down the windows helps to drown out crying, and if you sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ really loudly she will stop wailing…for a while (although you will still have a headache from singing so loudly).

Hanging out in Frederick, MD on the 4h of July

I am blessed that I have a daughter that sleeps through 6 out of 7 nights (she always has one night where midnight yelling is fun) but I can’t wait til her bedtime routine is a bit more flexible so that our social calendar doesn’t have to stop at 8 PM.


  1. I have a feeling that we both have very LONG waits before that happens. Jake’s bedtime is just as rigid (if not more so) than it was 6 months ago. Occasionally we’ll keep him up later, but he doesn’t sleep as well, doesn’t sleep as long, and I know that the better quality sleep is just so much better for him. There’s a reason why social gatherings tend to happen at our house these days:)

  2. You may be waiting a long time. Liam’s pretty strict about his bedtime between 7 and 7:30. And then it swings the other way with my nearly 3- year-old niece, who will pretty much go to bed on her own when she gets tired. Somewhere in between I’m looking forward to some flexibility, too.

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