Fresh Moo

Last week we received our first delivery from South Mountain Creamery.  SMC is a local dairy farm up in Middletown, MD.  A friend and co-worker of mine who lives in Frederick, MD (way closer to the farm than us here in Silver Spring) has been getting their delivery for a year now and it got me thinking that hormone-free happy-cow milk wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing to get accustomed too! The set up is pretty slick if I do say so myself.  With your first delivery you order a porch box like so:

and each week at the same time the milk man comes and drops of your bounty in your box.  The milk comes in glass bottles (as they properly should if being delivered by a milk-man) and each week he takes back the empties so they can be re-used.  They deliver way more than just the freshest milk around though.  Our first week we got milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and some meat products (bologna, ham, sausage, ground beef).  The yogurt is quite something for someone that has never had fresh yogurt   The ingredient list is just milk, active cultures and fruit.  It has a runny consistency because it lacks fillers and the taste is more tangy than sweet because they leave out all the sugars.  It has taken some getting used to; especially for me because I’m not a plain yogurt fan; but it definitely tastes more like the yogurt I remembered in Europe.   Of course the other items were fantastic too.  Royce said the bologna was the best he had ever tasted and it’s safe to say the block of cheese we got didn’t last very long in this house!

It is amazing how simple it is.  You can set up recurring delivery items so that each week even if you forget, your milk and ‘standard’ stuff will always be there (our recurring delivery is 2 jars of milk and 10 yogurts).  And of course you can skip deliveries for the dates you are out of town.    Between this and our CSA I’m finding it rare that I need to even go to the grocery store which cuts down on a lot of crap that makes its way into our house like chips and crackers.  All we really need now is wine and beer delivery!!!   I am glad we got this all set up so that when Syd is ready for the moo-milk transfer at 1-year we will be serving her some pretty fresh stuff.  She is drooling in anticipation already!

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