Busy Bees

Where has time gone?  I’ve been trying all week to get down here and upload and blog about Sydney’s first hike and first swim and here it is a week later and I’m finally finding the time to do so!

Last weekend we finally got to embrace summer and the freedom that comes with having a portable child.  On Saturday we went out for our first swim of the season!  We joined a pool with a few of our neighborhood friends.  Sorta weird to have to ‘join a pool’ since the neighborhood I grew up in had 3 pools for the community to use.  Alas our neighborhood doesn’t have a pool (and most don’t) so we joined one up the street.  Sydney seemed a bit uncertain at first, but she at least didn’t have any major protests to being in the pool.

During the summer on Fridays at her day-care they have ‘splash days’ and according to our daily ‘report’ she had a blast on Friday.  Today we went back to the pool for swim lessons and she was splashing around and even went underwater for the first time!  Hopefully one of these days I can pack the good camera and get some splish-splash shots of Sydney in her cute little swim suit!

On Sunday we went for a 4-mile hike on the Billy Goat Trail in Great Falls.  Our friends gave us their back pack carrier and we wanted to check it out.  It doesn’t fit Royce all that well but it worked for the distance we went.  Sydney seemed OK with it too.  It was brutally hot out, and by the end of our jaunt she had had about enough so we took her out of the pack and just carried her.  We probably won’t venture out again until fall unless there is some freak cold front that moves in.  I really forgot how much I enjoy hiking!  I even wore my new five fingers and they held up well over the rocky terrain.  I figured I would be really sore the next day since I haven’t been all that active outside of Pilates, but surprisingly I was pain free.  I guess carrying around a 7-month old is a workout after all!

This First Fathers Day weekend we have enjoyed a date-night dinner out and we got to relax a bit with friends by the pool.  Currently Sydney is going on hour 2 of her nap (mornings at the pool ROCK!!!) while Dad breaks-in his Fathers Day/Birthday grill by grilling a Boston Butt.  Happy Fathers day out there to all Dad’s new and old!

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