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I’m definitely seeing an increase in desire for Syd with solids this past week which is exciting!

I decided to make our own a while back and I’m having quite fun with it.  So far everything I’ve made has been done using a fork (avocados or bananas) or my immersion blender (oatmeal, sweet potatoes, apples) I got a few years ago at Christmas and boy howdy is it getting a workout!

We aren’t really in a good season to get good local food for Syd right now which sucks.   Her hit list for first foods is a lot of stuff that doesn’t come in season til the fall.  Especially the veggies like winter or butternut squash and zucchini but also apples, and pears.  I should be able to get her some farm fresh peaches and nectarines here soon at the farmers market but for the other stuff I guess it won’t be in season or local.   Thankfully Trader Joe’s has a lot of frozen fruits (mango) and cut up packaged squash to tide me over since I can’t get the stuff from the farmers markets.

Syd wasn’t particularity keen to my favorite TJ’s applesauce; I think it was too tart for her; so I made some applesauce this weekend.  At the farmers market I picked up some Fiji apples (I think).  This is the farmer who I normally buy apples from, so I was curious as to where they were getting their loot in May so I asked — I guess they leave some apples in cold storage over the winter and bring them out in the summer.  Doesn’t sound like the best plan for a fresh apple to me, but it is good enough for applesauce!  I had never made applesauce before, but it was easy enough.  Peeling the apples was the hardest part…then you core them and stick them in a pot with some water.  Simmer til mushy and tender, drain (reserve some water for thinning out) then blend up to desired consistency! Easy peasy!

For those of you thinking this seems like a lot of work it really isn’t.  I’ve been able to freeze both some applesauce and the sweet potatoes.  Because of browning I pretty much just make/eat the avocados and bananas on demand.  And each Sunday I make up some oats for her that I use throughout the week.  I mix practically everything with a little bit of oatmeal except for the avocado.  Honestly the time I spend total all week making her stuff is an  hour at best.  A small price to pay for cheap fresh baby food if you ask me!


  1. No kidding! Even health benefits aside (of which yes, there are many), from a financial standpoint it makes sense to make your own baby food! We made Jake’s from the beginning, too, and I am so glad that we did!!

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