photo shoot

When we were in KC we had the photographer who photographed our wedding take Syd’s 6-month portraits.  During the first year I really want to make sure the newborn, 6-month and 1-year stages were professionally captured.  And it just worked out that we were home right around the 6-month.

You can view the photos here.   Copyright restrictions keep me from linking a photo to this blog as a ‘teaser’…but click the link they are super cute.

There are a few photos I’m regret I didn’t get though.  I really wanted more cute baby-bum pictures (cause hers is just oh so cute) and I only really got 1 and it’s not in my favorite bum capturing position (I prefer the angle from when she is on  her belly).  And again, another photo-shoot goes by with very little images of all 3 of us together looking at the camera.  This time around we only got 1 image, at least Royce and I look OK, but Syd was spent by then.  The posed family shot typically isn’t what I want hanging on my wall, but for grandparents that’s pretty much all they desire and photographers need to learn to work in at least a few of these into their sessions.

I’m also really peeved I forgot to take off my glasses cause they can date photos so terribly…not to mention that white shirt I have on during most of the photos was the shirt I slept in and Syd spit up on prior to our arrival.  I thought I figured I would be warned before photos of me were snapped and I would have the chance to change…with baby photography I just you just get while the gettin is good.  My bad for not being prepared.  And all photographers doing baby photos should just tell people to take watches off the minute they come in the door.  I’m pissed Royce has his on in a couple of those shots…totally ruins the perspective with that clunky thing there.

It is hard when it comes to professional photographers.  Most are just so expensive it’s impossible to even fathom affording them.   Then you go and take the leap but the dread of images not caught (or ones with clunky watches) sorta overshadow the good ones.  And although I love her wedding images, senior images and family images her studio really isn’t semi-mobile infant friendly.  She wasn’t prepared for a baby that can tipsy over from a sitting position as the studio floor was solid concrete.  A Boppy would have been nice to help prop sitting baby or even a funky chair/couch would have been a good stand in.  A little carpet or rug pad slid under the white backdrop would have at least made Syd’s falling over occur with a few less tears (the shoot sorta came to a screeching halt when Syd banged her head on that concrete floor).

By the time her 1-year photos come around (I’m using the same photographer who did her newborn photos) I’ll for sure be more assertive in some of the images I want to have captured!  I guess with everything there has to be a learning curve.  I just wish this learning curve wasn’t so expensive!


  1. At least she got some beautiful pictures of her big baby blues! Amazing how quickly a photo shoot can come to an end after a hard bump on the head. We had Jake’s 6-month photo shoot outside (since the fall colors were beautiful), and at the beginning, we made the mistake of sitting him on an uneven, slightly-sloped piece of ground, so he tumbled backwards. Not a great way to start the shoot — at least it was soft! The 9-month shoot went much better. The studio had carpet under the white backdrop, so no hard landings, and the photographers are also moms, so there were toys, stuffed animals, etc. for him to play with.

    Regardless, though, you got some great close-ups of Syd, and let’s face it, that’s what everyone really wants!

  2. midwestkids says:

    Yes she did get a lot of beautiful baby blue shots!! And they are gorgeous! And so many to chose from. However, I didn’t get the variety I was looking for with full-on body shots. We can’t afford a 9-month session so this was sorta our only mid-point opportunity to see her ‘growth’ and a lot of the shots are just of Syd’s head and eyes (which are a good focal point BUT) and you can’t tell how big she is or chubby her legs are and we can’t forget about that cute bum! A moment sorta lost. Makes me kinda sad; they grow so fast.

    • Well, I guess you’ll just have to document all of that yourself! Although, I don’t know about you, but I find my photographing time to be significantly reduced now that I’m having to chase Jake around the house and yard all the time! Hopefully we can have a relaxing summer and find time for all that fun stuff.

      • midwestkids says:

        My photo taking/uploading ability took a sharp decline when I went back to work. It’s getting better though! I think when I was on maternity leave I just took photos because I didn’t have anything else to do. LOL

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