Our little goofball

This morning when I dropped off Syd I sat and played with her and Miss Mary since I had the luxury of doing so.  Typically I have to rush to work so it’s a quick drop-off, but today I had nothing to get to so I stayed and chatted.  I got to hear all about how Syd loves to sit up and play her pianos and bang toys against them for maximal sound effects.  And I also heard how Syd likes to wiggle herself under the cribs and ‘hide’.  When we picked her up today we saw first hand our goofball hiding under a crib.

I guess she does this often, and will spend quite a bit of time under there.  She always brings at least one toy with her.  It was quite funny to see.  All the boys were sitting up around the crib just looking at her waiting for her to come out.  Silly Sydney!

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