Month 6

I can securely say that so far this has been my favorite month.  Not that wrestling a teradactyl, dealing with the ‘witching hours’ (ahem, more like ‘witching evening’), and having to constantly entertain something with the attention span of a gnat isn’t fun, it was just a challenge.  I’m always up for a good challenge but 6-months of back-to-back ones (at home and at work) was wearing me thin.

I’m happy to report that at 6 months Syd is a complete doll.  She is a smile monster that will grin at anything smiles back.   I think the goal of our day is to find the thing that makes her laugh the most.  We will never tire of that sweet sound.  She cries when she is hungry or tired (not bored), she eats well (both at breast and with solids) and when I was drafting this blog entry she was happily carrying along on her blanket by herself — laughing and rolling and having a ball.  Although she didn’t stay on her blanket for long…which is a nice segway into the developmental part of the monthly updates.

Syd is a rolling freak — back and forth, and back and forth. You put her down one place and before you  know it she is someplace else.  It’s really amazing how fast and adept she is getting at her “rollzy-overs” as we like to call them.  She is also starting the steps to crawling.  She can spin in circles and move backwards but so far no forward motion.  At the beginning of the month Syd was capable of sitting up assisted but by the end of this last week she was sitting up all by herself.  She will happily play sitting up for quite a while, enjoying the perspective I suppose after 6-months of seeing everything from back or belly. However, she still occasionally tips over so I don’t feel comfortable sitting her up unassisted on our hardwood floors.  Amazingly even when she falls over it doesn’t startle her unless she hits her noggin on something on her way down.

6-months is also when we started solids.  So far we enjoy avocado the most.  Oatmeal is OK, and apples she hasn’t quite figured out if she likes them or not.  Bananas have also made it past the taste test which makes me happy because I would really like something to mix with the avocado or oatmeal and sweet-potato oatmeal doesn’t sound all that fantastic to me.

This month also marked a few more firsts.  First time to the Midwest (which entailed her first airplane ride), first base-ball game, and first time on a swing.  She wasn’t really sure how to feel about the swing but I think eventually she will learn to enjoy it!

We had our 6-month appointment today at the pediatricians.  Happy to report our little squirt is still growing.  She gained 1 inch and 2 lbs since her 4-month visit.  Her percentiles are still very similar to her 4-month and 2-month visits.  We have a short (25.5 inches; 30%), skinny (14lbs 12oz; 18%) baby with an average head (43 cm; 58%).

Mom also did better at blogging and photo taking this month so yeh for me!  You can see the compilation of Syds 4th through 6 month photos here.


  1. As someone who is also slightly below the median in the height category, she’s not short, she’s petite.

    If you guys do happen to visit again in July (which I know is way up in the air), Syd can try the bucket swings on our swing set. That’s how Jake really loves to swing — all by himself! Although his cousin Sabrina still hasn’t figured out if she likes the swings yet either:)


  1. […] By midwestkids Dear Sydney turned 7 months old on Monday.  And again, like Month 6 this was another fantastic month.  Thank you Sydney!  She is still a sucker for a good smile.  […]

  2. […] been 3-months since we had new numbers so as a comparison Syd has gained 3 inches and 3 lbs 1 oz since her […]

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