Starting Solids

Introducing Miss Senorita Avocado

With Syd’s 6-month birthday shortly arriving I figured it was time to start solids.  She has probably been ready for a month now but I was lazy (for multiple reasons).  I didn’t see the point in starting earlier than 6-months, since between 4 and 6 the main source of nutrients should still be from breast milk/formula and any food introduced at this point is for ‘practice’ or ‘play’.  I can think of a lot less messy ways to ‘play’.  Our trip also sorta kept me from getting excited about solids until now because I didn’t want to pack any more crap.

When we got back on Thursday though we decided to give it a go.  A friend at work had given me a box of rice cereal that her twin boys didn’t finish…and I now know why. That stuff is HORRIBLE.  Ugh.  I tried giving Syd maybe 3 spoonfuls of it and she just didn’t want anything to do with it.  I don’t blame her.  Icky.  After some thought, and comments from Facebook friends, I decided to skip the ‘start with rice cereal’ guidance you see in every baby book published.  Instead we started with avocado because mom loves her some fresh avocado and I figured Syd would too.

I was right!  After a bit of mashing and mixing with breast milk I had a nice liquid avocado for Syd to munch on.  She wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first but after her second feeding today (I’m doing two solid feedings per day to start) she was leaning towards me mouth wide open.  If she could talk I would think she would say “more please!  Miss Senorita Avocado wants more!”.

I also made oatmeal for her today as well.  With guidance from this awesome website I decided to make my own instead of buying infant specific oats.  I just took some steel-cut oats we had at home, ran them through the coffee grinder (clean coffee grinder that is!), boiled the ground oats up with some water, pureed them a bit further down with my immersion blender (first foods need to be smooth if not liquid and oatmeal is inherently lumpy/clumpy), then thinned it out even more with breast-milk.  Syd had her first taste of it this evening and I think we have another winner!

Not sure what we will try next.  I’m thinking of introducing either carrots, sweet potatoes or bananas on Wednesday.  We will see what we get in our CSA on Saturday, if there is something we can use I’ll introduce that to her on Saturday, but if not I think some farm fresh peaches will do the trick.

The introduction of solids also allowed me to put together our high-chair!  We bought it a while back when a rare sale at a local baby store allowed us to get 20% off.  After much research and thinking I wanted something in my dining room that didn’t make me scream “I can’t wait to get this ugly thing outta here” every time I walked by it.  The Tripp Trapp is pricey but oh-so-easy on the eyes, and it blends in really well with the rest of our dining room furniture.  And since the dining room is the first thing you see when  you walk in the front door I’m glad they can see the Trip Trapp instead of some ugly misplaced plastic throne.  It can also be used for many years down the line, even an adult can sit in it!  Try saying that about your standard high-chair! I also like how it allows the child to sit at the table with adults — tonight she joined me at the table and played with her toys while ate.  It was very cozy.


  1. One word of caution: Bananas made Jake really constipated. I still rarely give them to him because they still tend to make him constipated. Some babies don’t have that problem with them but you may want to have some prunes on hand, just in case:)

    • midwestkids says:

      Thanks for the warning; a friend at work had the same problem.  Hopefully Syd can take them OK cause it’s something we always have around the house!

      • I will say, though, prunes work like a charm to get everything going again! I always try to keep some pureed prunes around in the fridge and some frozen to have on hand just in case. And he really likes them too. I also give him applesauce every day (one of the absolute easiest things to make!), and a variety of other fruit. When he was Syd’s age, his favorite was sweet potatoes!

        • midwestkids says:

          Funny but I think applesauce is probably the one thing I won’t make (until apples come in season here which isn’t until the Fall).  Trader Joes has some really good applesauce’s that just have apples and water on the ingredient list.  No preservatives or sugars added so I figure why not?  I’ll have to see if that website has recommendations for how to puree prunes!  : D

  2. Yeah, I can get really good applesauces at the grocery store with only those ingredients, but if you’ve never had homemade applesauce, there is just no comparison! It tastes 10 times better than ANY commercial applesauce I’ve ever tasted. My mom used to make it for us when we were little, and I’ve made it homemade as long as I’ve had a crock pot!


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