very belated sewing update

I finished these projects so long ago that they don’t even seem new anymore.

First up is a shirt for myself.  I made this during my “there is no time to get out of this house because my husband is working all the time or I am sick” phase.  It turned out OK.  I made this pattern before (New Look #6470 top B) in black matte jersey back when I was pregnant for a swanky party.  It could be taken-in up a bit at the shoulder seams so my boobies are quite so on display.  My hem is crap…all stretched out and blah ugly.  Momma wants a serger.  Maybe Santa will bring me one.

It gave me the opportunity to work with knits again and have hence decided that I hate knits.  I wish they would only make ugly knit prints so that I wouldn’t want to sew with them all the time.  Alas, as you can see knits come in so many yummy prints and the fabric is oh so soft.  Which leads me to conclude that knits are made by the devil.

And this is the ‘practice’ romper (Simplicity #3509) that I was making before I cut into my fancy fabric to make a romper for Syd’s 6-month photo shoot.

Project Romper = FAIL.   Lesson learned however; always measure cubby infant thighs — do not guesstimate because baby is sleeping and you do not want to wake her up.  Although Syd should be happy I thought her thighs were smaller than they appear in real life, a sausage legged romper probably isn’t something she had in mind to show off those ‘full volume’ legs of hers. Given that this stinkin’ thing took so much of my time (that rick-rack is hand sewn) I wasn’t about to let this go into the UFO pile (UnFinished Objects).  So using my rotary cutter I sliced off the legs and voila!  a dress!  A perfect set complete with matching “boom-boom” shorts as we like to call them.

Of course I never made the other romper for her photo shoot.  There was no time to start up another fussy project given the  lack of free time I was experiencing prior to our departure, so Syd wore something store-bought for her pictures.  Half of them were taken naked anyways so I got over it really quickly.  That and I was going for a more casual effect and hand-made things can be so frilly and proper and dressy.  And once you have met Syd you quickly realize there isn’t much frilly or proper about her.  She is just a wiggly silly kid.

My last project was a toy for Syd.  She loves things that crinkle.  Over time I have learned that bias tape packaging has just the right amount of crinkle to please this crinkle connoisseur.   However, instead of just handing over bags of packaging and watching her ingest it, I figured it would be more safe to house them in something protected.  Two scraps of flannel fabric + tags made of scrap ribbon + bias tape wrappers = one happy girl.


  1. Julie, you are so talented with this sewing thing. I’m beyond impressed that you manage to crank out the most adorable outfits/bedding/toys for Sydney. I was happy to manage keeping my eyes open for the entire day and make dinner – the daily major accomplishment! – when Nolan was her age! Well done!!


  1. […] this time around.  I couldn’t be so lame as to put her into a $12 Carters outfit (sadly, like I did for her 6-month photos) for the documentation of her big 1-st year […]

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