First Trip

Syd and I on our way to KC airport

Our first round of travels with Syd are over!  She was a champ & my sling was a savior.  It really is the only way to travel with a non-walking child if you want both hands free.  The lovely thing is this home-made sling (in contrast to an Ergo or Baby-Bjorn) can just be wadded up and stuffed in the bottom of a bag or simply worn empty if you want that Bohemian un-kept look about you.  As I was cold quite frequently it came in handy just keeping me warm and also stood in as spit up towel quite nicely!  Syd was quite happy in it as long as I was moving.  I also would attach toys to the sling rings — tie either Bao Bao Bear or dangle something from rings for her to play with or chew on.  After a walk around Iowa City Sunday morning she even curled up for a little cat-nap in her sling.

Syd did great with flying.  The way in to Iowa City we stopped in Chicago which afforded us the opportunity to let her wiggle a bit before we boarded another plane to Cedar Rapids.  That wiggle time was key, she just needed to get it all out of her system.  For the most part she slept and or nursed the entire time on the plane flights.  The last half of the trip home from KC she was enamored with my water bottle and since she wouldn’t suck on her pacifier on the descent we just let her suck on the bottle nipple.  Only a few minutes of fussing in total and that was due to extreme sleepiness when we left KC.  Once she finally fell asleep though we were golden (except for Mom who had to sit in the same position for 1.5 hours).

The time in Iowa City was great.  It was so nice to hang out with old friends and see a few others that don’t typically hang out with our ‘gang’.

“The Gang”: Crystal, Albert, Jake, Katie, Myself & Syd.  Royce is missing.  (Photo taken by Dain)
Syd hanging out with her hooded twin Dain (photo courtesy of Dain Liepa)

We hit most of our old haunts (everything except Wig & Pen) and even bought Syd some books at Prairie Lights.  I got my temporary fill of Java House Coffee but I will always look forward to having more.  Breakfast at Lou Henri topped of our Iowa City time Sunday morning before we headed to Des Moines.  I was even spontaneous enough to fit in a DQ trip between the wedding ceremony and reception.  Glad my fantastic photographer friend Crystal was there to capture my bliss.  This is by far my favorite DQ.  It’s one of those old-timey walk up wants with the giant Dairy Queen neon sign complete with a big ice cream cone.  I haven’t seen all Crystals pics from the trip but I’m hoping she got one with the sign!

Ahh DQ!  (photo courtesy of Crystal Liepa)

Of course Sunday was mothers day; wasn’t exactly a ‘picture perfect’ day of rest since I was up at 4:45 AM with Syd which was followed by a car ride to Des Moines.  But I did get a beautiful pearl necklace from Royce and Syd and am also looking forward to my ‘vacation away’ sometime this fall.

Mom & Syd both win on Mothers Day!  Mom gets a necklace and Syd gets a bag to play with!

We didn’t spend but a few hours in Des Moines, but Syd got to see Grandma Burns again and meet Aunt Diane for the first time.  We even had a chance to see some old college friends of mine who graciously donated some of their old baby stuff for Grandma’s house.  “Uncle” Scott’s visit was also fun even tough Syd cried each time he touched her.

Once in KC we were welcomed by a very excited Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie-M.  All of which hadn’t seen Syd since she was 1-month old at Christmas.  She loved Auntie-M; all smiles and giggles for her.  I think the feeling was mutual.  The highlight of the trip was a visit to the new Kaufman stadium with the family & friends.  Syd didn’t do so well at the game (noise perhaps?) so we left after the 3rd inning to go home and get sleepy head to bed.

Me, Syd, Grandpa, Grandma & Auntie-M at Kauffman Stadium

Since we made a lot of stops this wasn’t exactly a restful trip for any of us. Syd did well adapting to her three different beds and she even did OK with the time zone change.  My best sleep came in KC since Syd was in a room far far away from us (and close to Grandma).  I didn’t hear a peep out of her and thankfully Grandma was able to get up with her when she was ready in the AM.  This allowed me to ‘sleep-in’ til 7 AM!  We are looking forward to our next trip out in August.  I am tossing around the idea of coming back by myself in July while Royce goes bike riding with Albert & Dain.  Thinking I may need to hire a teen-aged Sherpa to help get me there though!   Thankfully Grandma Bullock has lots of stuff at the ready in KC which lightens my travel load considerably so I think it may be doable.

Syd hanging out at the Hotel Vetro (photo courtesy of Crystal Lipea)


  1. Jake and I would certainly be thrilled to see you and Syd here in KC again in July! We’ll be in our new house by then and thus much closer to grandma and grandpa Bullock in LS:)

  2. mandysmusings says:

    love those pics of Syd in the sling…she looks so cozy! Glad you had a great time, and Sydney was such a great traveler.

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