Travel rituals

My ritual before any trip is to pretty much waste my workday tying up loose ends, making enough space in my inbox to accept the copious amounts of crap that will come my way during my absence, getting psyched for the trip and avoiding my coworkers because I don’t want to be bothered with any ‘fires’ that may be kindling prior to my leave.  And I also spiffy up my office because who wants to return to a dusty mess?

Today during my ‘trip preparation phase”, where I print off my itineraries, packing lists, and rental car confirmations, I realized how excited I am to be back in Iowa City.  We haven’t been back since 2003 when Royce graduated!  When printing off the map for the hotel, Google maps identified things near by; Java House coffee (the best cup around),  Prairie Lights (where the books are placed in that just-so-perfect way that somehow promotes lackadaisical wondering & discovery of things you grow to love), Wig & Pen (pizza!), did I mention JAVA HOUSE Coffee??   I’m so glad to know there is a coffee shop within walking distance that Syd and I can skip to at the wee hours (since I’m sure she will wake up at her typical 6:30 EST wake-up call which will be a cozy 5:30 AM CST FUN!).

And then there are the friends I haven’t seen in what seems like ages.  So much to catch up on, so much to see.  I really hope Syd is a good traveler and can be a bit more flexible than she is here at home when it comes to bedtime cause winding down at 6:30 pm CST will not be conducive to my social schedule!  And it’s all about me right??

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