Gettin ready for Syd’s first trip

Heading back to the Midwest in a few days to attend a friend’s wedding in Iowa City and then we are stopping by Des Moines and our final destination is Kansas City.  Crazy I know, but when we come back everyone wants to see a piece of us (face it they really want to see Syd) so our travel plans this year are a bit nuts and involve a bit more driving in addition to the flying than I wanted to partake in.

I’ve been mentally preparing — yet also in complete denial about this trip.  I don’t know what I need and I won’t until I probably realize I don’t have it.  And I’m so in the “I don’t give a *&^%” mood that this isn’t bothering me (like it normally would — I am a pharmacist afterall).

I figure I’ll pack what I can, buy what I need when I get there,  and forget about the rest.  The interesting part will be on the plane since Syd is such a squirmer and feeding should also be fun.  Syd HATES to be covered when she feeds, so my boob is going to join the mile-high club.  I pray we get a row of seats for just the 3 of us, but I know with my luck I’ll have a big fat smelly pervy man next to me.  She is also in that “whats that? I better look and check it out! oh wait food! oh wait look at that! lets stretch out and get a better look! yum I’m hungry!” stage where feeding is an off-again on-again battle that can last 30+ mins depending on how many times I sniff too loudly.  At home I don’t mind I just sit here half-naked and let her latch/de-latch as many times as she wants until she feels satisfied.  However, that may not be appropriate for public viewing.

Regardless of the travel hassles we will arrive in Iowa City and when we do we will be greeted by friends we haven’t seen in a very very long time.  And then we will drive to Des Monies on Mothers Day and eventually we will end up in KC where I can hand off Syd to a very excited Grandma and Auntie M and hopefully Royce and I can steal away for a while and catch a movie.   Can’t wait!

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