I thought we had a few years…

I thought we had a few years before we had to be concerned with our daughter habitually doing things behind our back.  Syd has decided to start early, and refuses to roll-over in front of us but seemingly has plenty of ability to do it when we either aren’t around or our backs are turned.

It has been reported from day-care that she goes both ways now  — belly to back; back to belly.  Of course the way we hear it, she is just flippin and a rollin’ all over the place all day for them but will not give a performance for us at home.

I’ve seen the evidence a two times when I have gone in to get her up in the morning and she is on her belly.  And one time while we were getting ready in the morning she was chillin’ in her room on her back and when we went to get her she was on her belly.

So unless there are gremlins on our house Syd is officially rolling-over…but she just doesn’t want to show Mom and Dad her new tricks.   We aren’t sure what the magic is to get her to do it, not for our attempts at trying though.  Almost every night we are on the floor with her trying to trick her into showing us but she is relentless.  I’ve even just watched her on the monitor in the morning when she is wiggling herself awake but Royce so calmly reminded me “she won’t do it…she knows you are watching”.


8 PM update —  Eureka! She did it!  For both of us!…separately of course. For me, we were just playing on the floor waiting for Jackie, our Parents as Teachers consultant, and whoopsy flippy over she went.  I like to think I tricked her into it.  Royce had to do a little more coaxing/cheering but he was successful as well later in the evening.  Of course both times when it happened we were so exuberant in celebrating her success we made her cry.

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