5th Month

A pathetic 3 posts for 1 month is not what I would consider to be an improvement in my posting habits.  I’m thinking this trend may stick around however.  The only word I can think of to describe life right now is ‘chaos’.  I think the only person who has a routine is Sydney.  I on the other hand am just barely hanging on.  Work is about as crappy as it has been in the 5 years I have been working this job.  I can’t get caught up.  Each day I’m one day short of a panic attack.  Up to now I would have a few hit-or-miss days or at most a week that would feel like this.  This feeling of out-of-control chaos is going on month #2 and I’m wondering how much longer I can keep it together.  One of two things will happen; work will resume some semi-normal pace that I was previously accustomed to prior to maternity leave or I’ll go insane and be in a loony bin…which on the bright side would finally give me time to myself & doesn’t look like a bad option right now.

It hasn’t helped that my weekends since I’ve returned to work are on the other end of the spectrum from what a ‘restful’ weekend should be.  Either Royce has been working and I’m single-mom, or me/we are sick, or I have to work.  I’m extremely desperate for a day off to just fiddle around, stare at a wall, or maybe do some shopping since all my clothes are falling off of me.  It’s times like this I wish we were near family cause I feel silly hiring a baby sitter so that I can take a nap or just do whatever I feel like doing at the moment for half of a Saturday (or a Sunday).

Enough belly aching; what did I think this would be…a cake walk?

This isn’t supposed to be the 5 month sanity check for crazy Mom…this is supposed to be about Syd, our dear lovely Syd!

What is new this month? No doctors appointment so I do not have any new stats to report.  Everyone tells me she is ‘tiny’.  Since I have no frame of reference I can’t argue. I also can’t argue when they tell me how cute she is — I just nod & smile.  Aren’t all babies cute?

During her 5th month Syd discovered her feet and they have proven to be fantastic entertainment tools.  Her favorite thing is to put both of them into her mouth at once.  Endless fun.  She has also been testing out that vocal range.  So much so that day-care has to sometimes remove her from the room during nap time because they are afraid her “happy yells” will wake the other babies.  I really miss the cute oo’s and ahh’s and buh’s from a few months ago.  They were a lot easier on the ear-drums.

She still loves to practice ‘standing’ & we are working on sitting up.  We read or play with toys when she is in our lap.  She will grab things and of course bring them promptly to her mouth.  I still haven’t seen that elusive roll-over but it’s been reported by day-care numerous times.  She must save all her tricks for them.  For the most part she is getting better about playing with herself if she so desires.  I can typically put her on the kitchen floor and she will watch me work around the kitchen while playing with her rings (thank you Amanda for those rings!).  But man oh man if she doesn’t want to play she will let you know. And that basically means she wants to be carried around…which is hard to do when attempting to cook dinner (and I must thank Leigh for my sling!)

She is of course all smiles and we can typically get a good laugh if we do the right combination of silly things.  One would be able to see those beautiful smiles if Mom would be able to find some time to take and then upload some pictures.  Someday; it will happen.


  1. Sorry to hear life is crazy — I know how you feel! I’ve been crazy busy at work lately too, although I always expect work to get chaotic starting March and September and then taper off a tiny bit when summer and then the holidays hit. However, I must agree that juggling the two — work and home — is more of a challenge since Jake came. It’s nearly impossible for me to work from home anymore and after I started back from maternity leave, it was almost like I had to re-learn the concentration and efficiency that I had down pat before. That part has gotten much easier.

    I love it when they find their feet! It’s so cute and will be the big entertainment for at least a month or two. Any signs of teething yet? No need to be in a big hurry for that one:)

    I know I haven’t met Syd yet, but from her measurements, I don’t doubt that people say she’s tiny…wait till you see Jake again next month, he’ll seem huge to you!!

    I’m sure you’ll get it all figured out — it all really does get easier. Hang in there! We’re really excited to see you all in just 2 weeks!!!

    (and to your question about cute babies — no, not all babies are cute. We just happen to have lucked out and gotten cute ones!)

  2. go on and hire a sitter, if even for an hour or two. you deserve this; it’s not silly, it’s absolutely worth it, and it’s the solution to the absence of family nearby to help you. just a couple of hours and i bet you’ll feel refreshed – and you’ll be so happy to see Sydney upon your return. that gush of happiness alone is worth it!

    Sydney, by the way, is adorable – clearly happy, active and thriving! She’s a beauty.

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