Not for the faint at heart

Life with a dog can be hard.  Finding sitters or kennels when you go out-of-town.  Walking.  Picking up feces.  Finding vomit in strange places early in the morning.  Most of those ‘hardships’ I don’t mind…maybe it’s because I grew up with a dog and am used to them all.

The searching and destroying of Sydney’s toys however is bothersome.  It’s like each night I should put on the James Bond theme music while he saunters around the house looking for his next victim.  Most nights you just find his prey on the floor in the living room un-harmed.  Overnight they must have these long discussions about how the toy would rather be moved from its current location to the middle of the living room floor.  He does this with her toys, shoes, hats, burp cloths…really anything he can get his big brown snozzle into.  And it’s not like we are leaving these things in areas where he should be snozzeling in the first place.

Last night however came the massacre of Bao Bao bear — Syd’s paci bear that she loves.  Bao Bao and his dismembered arm joins the ranks of the faceless Hawkeye bear that Charlie attacked sometime during Syds first month.  It brings so  much sorrow to see these poor beat-up guys.

Bao Bao is in rehab today (washing machine…then sewing machine…I promise to use plenty of anesthetic) and will return to the force.  Hopefully Syd can see through his disability and love him just the same.

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