Month 4

Syd’s forth month marked a abrupt demarcation in photo-taking and blog updating.  Hmmm…I wonder if that had anything to do with Mom going back to work?

We had our 4-month appointment today at the pediatricians.  Happy to report our little squirt is growing healthy and strong.  Her stats are similar to what we saw at her 2-month visit.  We have a long (24.5 inches; 45%), skinny (12lbs 1oz; 10%) baby with an average head (41.5 cm; 54%).

Developmentally, it is fun to report that Sunday morning, while Royce was reading the paper (and I was downstairs paying bills) our little one managed to roll herself from her belly to her back.  I’m hopeful of a repeat performance sometime soon, but also am aware this could be a total fluke.  Saturday night we were over at a friends house and while we were eating dinner I swear she was… just-about-oh-so-close-it-was-suspense-inspiring…going to roll over from back to belly.   We all stopped mid bite to cheer her on…only for her to just plop back onto her back (with a sigh of disappointment from the fans).

These past few weeks she has added ‘buh’ to her vocabulary of the typical ‘ah’, ‘oo’, ‘guh’ and ‘kuh’ she has been using since January.  Other mouth-related developments; buzzing her lips and making fart noises with her hands.  It’s all rather hilarious; especially when this is the background music to dinner or driving.

She has also become rather fond of ‘standing’. So fond actually that she puts up quite the protest when we make her sit.  Her tummy time is still going well.  She is getting really good at holding that big old head up and she can even manage some babbles and smiles while doing it now too (in contrast to the pained terror on her face she had when she was younger).

It’s also refreshing to report that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better.  These past few weeks I have enjoyed coming home and going for nice walks with the family.  Sometimes if I’m tired we will just lay out a blanket on the front lawn and have some outdoor ‘touch and feel’ sessions (with the crinkly leaves and soft grass) while the clean fresh air fills our lungs.  I’m not sure I have ever appreciated spring so much as I do this year!

Sadly I took only a few photos of Syd this month.  Not much time (or good light when I got home from work) to click away.  With this month of transition behind me I’m hopeful that month-5 can sprout a more comfortable routine.


  1. What a cutey! I love the picture of your husband laughing. You’re a gift photographer and crafter on top of being a mom. Some people just get it all! 😉

  2. Grandma Bullock says:

    What a sweetie! I am so glad Sydney has a special blanket. Of course you were a “blanket baby” too. I’m not so sure whether it is security for the baby — or for the mom.

  3. Yay for Sydney! That’s about the age Jake was when he started rolling over. I’d put him on his belly to make him repeat the performance at least once a day — just to make sure it sank in;) And he hated being on his tummy so much that he would very reliably roll right over!

    • midwestkids says:

      Well I guess it is official…she rolled from belly to back again yesterday at day-care and again last night! Of course I haven’t been around to see any of them but I’m sure I’ll catch a performance soon!

      • Yay!! I’m sure you’ll catch one this weekend. An it won’t be long before she’s rolling all the way across the room!

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