Time to hit ‘reset’

This weekend was all about the reset button.  Acquiring my second cold in 1 month, and infecting the rest of the house along with it, made me realize that Mom needs to s.l.o.w.d.o.w.n.  So I did.  I had 1 thing to do this weekend and that’s all I did.  I didn’t fill in the vacant time with stupid errands, intricate meals or meet-ups with friends.  I just stayed home.  To make it even more perfect it rained all weekend…who wants to go out in that anyways?

In anticipation of my hermit weekend, Friday night after picking up Syd from day-care, I went to the fabric store.  I wanted to work on some projects over the weekend (sewing is relaxing to me).  First up was a blanky for Syd.  I felt so commercial sending her to day-care with her handmade bag and clothes and then sending a store-bought blanket.  That and I would rather her snuggle in something made from love than something made in China.  I discovered this sweet ducky and retro flower flannel.  Paired with a perfect blanket binding, and you have Syd all wrapped in love.   I’m pretty sure no mother wants her kid to go to college still clutching her blanky but this one is so awesome I’m thinking I would be OK with that! 

I also got some cheap fabric to try out the romper pattern I have before I cut into the super cute fabric I want to use to Syds romper for her 6-month photo-shoot.  So far it’s going together OK.  From the looks of it Syd will be able to fit into it when she is 12.  So much for size ‘small’…which is supposed to be ‘6 months’.  Who knows, maybe she will grow leaps and bounds in the next 2 months…

In addition to sewing I’ve done a lot of internet searching for fabric.  I want to make this dress for a wedding in May…if I can find some fabric.  They have lots of great stuff at my local fancy fabric store, but considering I need upwards of 3+ yards to make the dress I would be better off financially just buying a dress.  I’ll keep you posted.  If anyone comes across a yummy jersey border print let me know!

After my lazy weekend I feel almost normal again. I’ve realized I can’t do as much, and possibly be as much as I used to now.  I canceled a work trip in June for reasons I never thought I would use…but hell if a stupid oncology conference will force me to end being the ‘milk-lady’ (and I know if I went to Chicago for a week that would pretty much end breastfeeding for me).  Granted I may be done by then anyways…but I want to stop on my terms (or Syds terms) not because of work.  I also blocked my calendar at work…no more meetings after 4:30 PM.  I get in at 7:30, I’m there for a sufficient amount of time for everyone to get a piece of me, at 4:30 it’s time for me to go home.

I’ll figure all this stuff out eventually…slowly but surely and with a few bumps and bruises along the way.


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