Transition is complete!

Syd’s first day at day-care was Monday and everything is going peachy.  We had our ‘intake’ appointment last week so we had our bags all packed and ready to-go on Monday morning.  She is in a class with 6 other non-mobile infants and 2 caretakers (Miss Mary and Miss Roshan).  We were the first to arrive on Monday morning which gave us time to wander around the room trying to figure out where everything needs to be placed.  Bins with Sydney’s name were all ready for her on her first day.  Her crib was labeled and we made it all cozy with a home brought sheet, a blanket, a crib mirror and I even brought her some shapes to stare at (and now she enjoys talking to them too).  There are Sydney bins for extra clothes (which came in handy yesterday) and creams, and bibs, and socks and pacifiers and of course her milk goes in the fridge.  And there is even a little Sydney hook in the hall where we hang her Sydney bag — made with love by Grandma.

I’m not a guilty mommy when it comes to what I have to do for childcare.  I have to work, this was our best option, so I accepted it and moved on.  Would it be nice to live close to family and have a Grandma look after Syd?  Hell yes it would.  But we are not lucky enough for that, and I wasn’t comfortable with my other options here (nanny share or home-based daycare).  What I am lucky to have, is this great neighborhood where women freely share information regarding child care options — which pretty much guarantees you will find something you feel fits best for you and your family.  Her daycare isn’t fancy, it’s in the basement of a church, there isn’t much natural light, the accommodations are not what I would consider to be spectacular.  But the people make up for the lack-luster visual environment.  They truly love kids and you can tell.  Her first day Sydney colored a frog with her feet!   I mean really, how freaking cute is that?!

So I drop Sydney off, and leave her with great people, and I go to work and I do what I trained 8 years to do.  When I’m done with work…the best part of my day…is picking her up.  I can’t drive fast enough.  It’s like Christmas every day at 5PM and it rocks.  She is happy, I am happy, and Royce gets a significant amount of stuff done on his days off.  You can’t beat that.  And hopefully as she grows she will come to find that food, love, entertainment, and comfort can come from a variety of people than just Mom & Dad.

I also can’t help but think this is the way my family had to do it when I was a baby…back in the day I went to daycare with my Julie bag with all my toys and provisions tucked inside…and I turned out just fine (or at least I think I did).


  1. That’s great!! Glad to hear it’s going so well! You’re totally right–she’s with loving, caring people and will be just peachy while you’re at work. And how awesome is it to see her at the end of the day? That part just gets better as they get older and the personality develop even more. Jake is starting to recognize my car now so every evening when I get home he and Albert and watching out the front window waiting for me. When I drive up he get sooo excited and starts to laugh and bounce. I get a huge hug and big smile and kiss when I get through the door. Best part of my day.

  2. Friend of Amanda’s here. She showed me your blog back when you had sewed your awesome nursery outfit. Does that make me a stalker? LOL! Anyways, your little girl is beautiful, but I had to tell you that this post ready struck a cord with me. I don’t have kids yet, but I keep struggling with the childcare situation. Thanks for being so real and saying, hey, don’t feel guilty about doing what you have to do and sometimes it can even be really great using a daycare. So thanks. Keep it up! 🙂

    • midwestkids says:

      Hello! Nice to meet you! I love that strangers read this and find enjoyment!

      I struggled as well pre-children. Especially since we are far from home…no family around to shake a stick at. But when I remembered, my closest family member growing up was a 6 hour drive away. My parents got by with babysitters and day-care, and there is nothing wrong with that!

      Something I didn’t get into…I also think my government job helps. I’m done each day at 4:00. Done. no blackberry clicking, no travel. It is very family friendly.

  3. Sounds like a great start! Glad to hear that you have such a good daycare arrangement; the most important component is that you feel good about the people caring for Sydney. Nothing else tops that requirement!

    • midwestkids says:

      You’re right Leslie. I would be singing a completely different song if I didn’t have confidence in this daycare situation. I think it is a tragedy that good pre-K daycare, especially infant care, is not available for all here in the US. I can’t imagine what some women less fortunate must struggle with as they leave their children in substandard care so that they can go to their minimum wage job. Breaks my heart.

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