Month 3

The letter “S” sponsored Syd’s 3rd month.  Sleep – Snow – Sickness – Smiles- Snuggles

Of course you all know the snow story.  And her 3rd month solidified her rock-star nightly sleep patterns.

Unfortunately Syd had her first sickness this month.  Thankfully, her 102.8 fever spike was when she was 12-weeks + 1 day old versus 4 or 6 weeks where a hospital stay would have been in our agenda.  The high fever was still scary and depending on which book you read it is a concern for children <12 weeks old.  Since Syd was so close to 12 weeks I decided to call the doctor just to make sure and because our pediatrician rocks she told us to come in on a Sunday morning so she could reassure that nothing was amiss (anything that can give me more confidence when I’m home alone all night with a sick infant is something I’ll take advantage of!) Sick babies are just so sad!  For a couple of days she got a bit horse, so when she cried or cooed it was this soft little scratchy sound.  It just broke your heart.  Poor little thing!  Thankfully it only took about a week for her to return to her normal smiley self.

Which brings me to the next “S”.  She has done a good job perfecting her smile this month.  She responds to us smiling and in general just smiles away when you talk with her.  It’s all very cute and cozy. I think my favorite smiles are the ones when she first sees us peek over the crib in the mornings.  She just smiles and squirms and looks so excited to start her day!

This month she has also perfected the snuggle.  She will take blankets or other soft items and clutch them in her hands and bring them up to her face (typically into the mouth).  It’s fun to see her smash her face into things and get so much pleasure and comfort.

Of course she is growing and growing.  We did a quick weigh-in at the doctor’s so we could calculate her Tylenol dose and she was just shy of 12 lbs.  I had to break out the 3-month clothes earlier in the month and store away the newborn stuff.  I’m afraid she is going to outgrow the 3-month items here soon which sucks because it is still cold here and I don’t have any long-sleeved 6 month items to put her in and the baby stores only have summer stuff out.  She better stop growing or she is going to be one cold baby!

Photos from her 3-month adventure are up on Flickr…click the duck below.


  1. Grandma Bullock says:

    Sydney wakes up in the morning just like you used to. You always woke with a smile on your face. Maybe it was because you knew you were going to get out of those wet pants. Oh my, how those diapers — sleeper — sheets –were soaked! But nary a signal of distress from you.
    You would play in your crib for several minutes after waking up. I knew you were awake from the playful sounds coming from your room.

    • midwestkids says:

      Thankfully diapers are better now than they were when I was a baby! So far no leaks yet but her diaper sure is soaked when I get her in the mornings.

      Syd too will just squirm quietly for almost 30 mins in the morning…allows mom to get some coffee in peace! It’s also fun to just watch her on the monitor wiggle around and giggle to herself.

  2. Sounds like she’s doing great!! Jake’s diapers would sometimes get so soaked they would leak until I found the Huggies Overnights– no leaks since! I don’t know that they come smaller than size 3 though.

    If you need bigger longsleeve stuff, let me know. I have bins and bins of baby clothes that are long-sleeved an some of them are gender-neutral (and some Albert wouldn’t let me use because he thougt they looked too girly). I can send you some stuff to get you through to the warmer weather.

  3. Julie, let me know if you need long sleeve clothes that are 6 monhts. We have a lot of stuff I could send to you since the girls are in 12-18 month stuff and have outgrown all 6 month stuff a long time ago. I would be happy to send them your way!

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