Sewing update – first dress by MOM

I finally finished Sydney’s first home-made dress last week.  I had spied the fabric a while back and loved the vintage print.  I used the same pattern Grandma did. 

This is a super fussy dress to make.  I’m not sure if it is just because sewing things this small is so tedious, or if it’s Simplicity’s whacked way for finishing necklines and armholes, but this dress took me way longer than I had bargained for.  

The finished product is OK.  If you look closely you can see the arms and neck are not finished impeccably but I just got tired of fussing with them!  I ended up using the technique from a similar Butterick pattern (#3505) since it did not involve bias tape and had a different method of attacking the armholes.  Luckily Syd moves around a lot so no one should be able to notice the shoddy sewing.  The little red panties sure are adorable on her!  I will have to make some more of these for summer.

My next project for Syd is a romper for the summer…again another Simplicity pattern (#3509)…I hope it’s easier than that dress.  If it turns out nicely, I’ll have her wear it for her 6-month photos we are going to have taken by the photographer who did our wedding when we are back in KC this May.

A while back I also finished another bag.  This is a bigger ‘purse’ for me that allows me to stuff a compact changing pad in it when I don’t feel like carrying around the big-diaper bag.  The bag fabric is from Ikea and the contrast band and handles are a decorator remnant I picked up at Hancock. 

I used the pattern (Simplicity #2685) I had on-hand.  If I make this bag again I’ll use the same method I did for the smaller bag I’ve made in the past because I think it went together easier, and the finished product looks nicer.  I did add a magnetic snap on this one to keep it closed which I think is a nice addition that should have been there in the first place!


  1. Fussy pattern or not, it’s WAY better than a few of the little girl dresses that appeared on Project Runway last week!

  2. absolutely darling. definitely have a talent in sewing Julie!

  3. Emilio’s? What was he thinking? Frankly, I thought it was almost a crime that he wasn’t in the bottom three. Janeane was undoubtedly going home after her last few weeks, but I thought his was bad enough to save her for one more week. No question, you can sew circles around some of those contestants when it comes to little girl clothes!

  4. Julie, you are sooo good. Sydney is one lucky little girl–she’ll always be dressed to the nines!

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