Last week

Sitting at home buried under 2+ feet of snow is not how I had envisioned spending my last week of maternity leave.  I was finally getting the hang of enjoying myself…feeling more comfortable running errands, meeting people for lunch etc etc.  Now I’m just trapped here, litterally…my car is in the garage and our 50 foot back alley that leads to our driveway is still covered in Saturday’s snow and now it will have another foot or more added to it on Wednesday.  I had hopes of finishing off some errands, I still have things to return to baby-stores and I desperately need to get to a fabric store to finish some projects.  Not to mention I had high hopes of going out and getting a bunch of new work clothes to fit my improved smaller frame.  I also had a few leisurely lunches planned with friends too.

To say I’m disappointed with the outcome of this last week and the unavoidable reality of having to go back to work is an understatement.  The bright side is I have saved a lot of leave because the government has been closed.  I could probably postpone my start date, but I really want Royce to have his 2 weeks alone with Syd before she starts daycare March 1st.  Not that he will be ‘alone’ because his Mom and then his sister Rhonda arrive next week to meet Syd. But still, it will be good for him to be the primary person in charge of feeding and entertaining this pip-squeak for a while. 

The 16th is my first day back.  Outside of my anger of my snow-covered last week, I am also having bitter-sweet feelings about returning.  In the mornings when I’m energized and Syd is as sweet as sugar I want to stay home.  But by 2:00 when I’m tired and I’ve exhausted my bag of entertaining tricks, I’m ready to go back.  I’m sure my first week will be so busy and it will go by quickly.  I’ve got a lot to catch up on, and will have plenty of fun figuring out how to get my pumping scheduled between meetings.  I know I’m missed, I’ve gotten a dozen emails asking when I’m returning, so thats a good feeling and is sorta giving me momentum as I prepare for my first week back.


  1. It was very bittersweet when I went back, but we settled in to a good routine pretty quickly. You will too and everything will be fine. Pumping, however was the bane of my existence for the two months I did it while working! I’m one of those people who rarely takes breaks because it breaks my concentration too much and I have a hard time getting going again. Each pumping session took about an hour out of my day by the time I wound down, pumped, cleaned everything up, and then got revved up again. Good luck! Maybe you’ll have better luck with it than me!

  2. I was told (ever so wisely) to bring a box of Kleenex on the first day back. But I couldn’t do it… I ended up staying home, mostly due to a lack of confidence in my daycare option. While I was relieved that this worked for us at first, I think you will be happy to go back to work, for it offers a nice balance for a mom. Plus, what a great way to go back – knowing that Royce will be home with Syndey – perfect planning! Pardon me while I offer some unsolicited advice: I recommend buying extra parts for your pump (sheilds, bottles), enough so that you don’t have to clean them while at work. Chuck ’em in a ziplock and sterilize them all at once when you get home. It’s a bit more to lug, but it cuts down on the time spent on the whole ordeal while at work.

    • midwestkids says:

      Leslie — I think going back will provide a nice balance as well. The past 3 months have been good, but something is missing and sadly I think it’s work. It will be nice to go back…I think it is more socially acceptable to be frustrated and annoyed at the end of the day by your coworkers than your infant. : D It will take us a while to get into a routine, but with Royce home for 2 weeks I can focus on getting myself to work, and then once I have that down I can add getting Syd to day-care.

      Also, great idea on the extra pump parts! I’m going to go pick up some tomorrow! Given that I only have, at best, 30-mins to accomplish this task any timesaving tips are helpful! That and washing my breast shields in the presence of my co-workers is sort of creepy.

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