Snow, and more snow

Is winter over yet?  I’ll admit it has been nice to at least be on leave during this snowy season.  I hate having to go to work in snow or even sleeping with the anticipation of the government possibly shutting down.  This is our second blizzard. First was in December when Syd was a few weeks old and I never got the camera out.  This AM I ventured as far as I could (deck and porch) for some shots.  Will continue to add some more photos as the day goes on so check back if you like.  Seems like we have over a foot right now and it’s still snowing…

12:00 update — Dad is home!   ERs never close and Royce’s group isn’t smart enough to keep doctors in a safe place and would rather have them travel back and forth in a storm.  He left for work last night around 9PM, arrived at the hospital at 10 PM.  And around noon today he walked up the path.  The hospital does have a 4×4 service but even with this much snow it is hard to travel so he had to walk a few blocks home.  At least he doesn’t have to go back until Monday afternoon!  In the spirit of the snow day Syd dawned her Alpine Swiss onesie.  All together now:  AWWWWWW!


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