I’ll probably bite my tongue for this, but we got ourselves a good sleeper.  By 6 weeks Sydney had dropped the 1 am middle of the night feeding.  I should rephrase that…ahem…Mom got tired of trying to wake up Sydney for the middle of the night feeding, so it got dropped.

We then found out that she could sleep from 9pm to about 4am.  Then 4am moved to 5, then 5:30, and now if I let her she can sleep until 7am.  We have a few rouge nights where she will pop back awake at 2 or 3 am.  I don’t feed her if she happens to wake then, as our pediatricians put it; “many adults would find it pleasurable to eat in the middle of the night too, but that doesn’t mean they should.”  Typically if she wakes in the middle of the night some rocking or some pats will put her right back to sleep.

For the most part she goes down with little protest.  If she does protest I can pretty much guarantee it’s because she needs more milk, so I nurse a bit longer and then we have sleepy baby with heavy lids. 

I’m feeling confident that I can work around this when I go back to work.  I hope I can get up at 5:30, get myself ready, feed Sydney and be at daycare when it opens by 7 am.  Hopefully she will allow me to get ready first before putting up to much of a protest .  That order of things will allow me to focus my morning feed on her and our time together, and not on the stuff I still have to do before I get in the car and go to work.

Naps are a different story.  She dozes throughout the day mostly in the stroller during dog walks or in the car seat while we run errands.  I’m hoping that day-care can get her on a more regimented nap schedule.  Then again maybe why she is such a good night sleeper is because she prefers to save it all up by not sleeping during the day!


  1. Well, of course Sydney is a good sleeper! I mean the poor child is exhausted “gettin’ her pig”, practicing her piano, doing those 180″s in the crib, taking baths, and trying to keep track of Mom and Charlie all day. Whew!

  2. So good that you got a good sleeper! I would bet that her naps will start to regulate once she starts day care. She’s a little young to have settled in to a good nap routine anyway.

  3. You are so lucky. Took us to 11 months before we had a good nap and night time schedule. Lucky, lucky, lucky!


  1. […] course you all know the snow story.  And her 3rd month solidified her rock-star nightly sleep […]

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