First dress!

Was a hard week…not sure why…just mentally I had a hard time being a mommy and Sydney was sort of cranky all week.  Royce seems to work every day.  And his schedule, as usual, is haphazard.  No pattern to the madness and I’m a creature of habit and routine and it’s hard to get into one when some days Dad is home during the day, sometimes at night, and sometimes part of the day and none of the night.  And some days are even worse… he gets home early AM leaves in the afternoon and between him eating, running, napping and getting ready to go to back to work there are times when I seem to go 48+ hours without someone to watch baby while I do basic things like take a decent shower (not a speed shower) or eat without getting serenaded by crying or even get computer time to do boring things like pay bills.  Ugh.  It’s been a rough go at it.  After a particularly hard day it’s very hard to send him off at night that is for sure.   I’ll figure it out eventually.  Or maybe I’ll just go insane.

Some exciting things did happen this week.  First up was the arrival of her first dress from Grandma!

Grandma sent me the same pattern (Simplicity #4243) and I was waiting to see the fit of the dress before I started one of my own.  Like adult patterns, these things can sometimes be pretty off on sizing.  Because we are wearing onesies underneath them right now, I think I’ll make the XS which will take her through the winter and still fit her in the spring and maybe even summer.  I got some sweet vintage print fabric from the fabric store last week that I’m dying to use.  Also ordered a fun floral from which was on-sale.  It’s a bit light-weight so I’m thinking a summer romper will be perfect for her since she may be crawling by then, and I’m thinking crawling in a dress would be logistically difficult.  However, it’s hard to get decent sewing time in…even with the bells she can only last about an hour (sometimes she will fall asleep though).  I can’t wait til the attention span or her naps get a bit longer!

Syd has also embraced the love of her crib piano.  We had to actually take it out of the crib because at night and at nap time all she would do is stare at the piano…you could just see her longing to kick it.  I ended up tying it to the bottom of the crib which is where we have her play mat anyways.  Now the crib is for sleeping only…no play!

She has also discovered the joy of sucking on her hand.  Can’t quite get the entire thing in her mouth but she sure tries to shove it in.

She has also been managing to do complete 180 turns in her crib at night.  I’ll put her down with her head facing one side of the crib and when she wakes her head is on the opposite side.  I have no idea how she does it considering she is in this straight-jacket swaddle like blanket secured with Velcro.  I’m also amazed it doesn’t wake me up because I’m sure there has to be a decent amount of effort and grunting going on during the process that my monitor should be picking up.

That’s all for now.  I uploaded a bunch of photos to flickr so be sure to check them out.


  1. Hopefully she’ll become a good napper for you soon. We can usually count on Jake to take one 2-2.5 hour nap during the day and another nap of 1-1.5 hours. But Albert’s niece is not a great napper — a good nap for her is 1 hour. Hopefully Syd will fall more along Jake’s line and give you a bit of a break!

  2. You should try doing the same schedule with two little people. There are days when it is just crazy. There always seems to be one little person up and it is hard to get basic things done. Hang in there!

    • midwestkids says:

      Oh gosh Michele I have NO idea how you guys do it over there. Even Syds 1st week I said “I can’t imagine doing this with 2 at the same time”! Syd is a good sleeper at night so we are really lucky with that, but if she decides to be a bad sleeper it’s always when Royce is working nights! Silly baby!

      We will be in KC in May visiting family…I would love to get together with all the girls! : D


  1. […] last week.  I had spied the fabric a while back and loved the vintage print.  I used the same pattern Grandma […]

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