Diaper bag

Not that I don’t like any of the diaper bags available on the market…just wanted something a bit more creative and unique.

I used a hodge-podge of patterns/resources (including Vogue #8506 bag B and Amy Butlers “Little Stitches for Little Ones” for the pockets) to come up with the final product since the bag I really wanted was an out of print pattern (New Look #6453 bag C).  Fabric is a decorator weight fabric from Ikea and was chosen because Royce thought the goats were cool. *sigh*


  1. Cool bag!
    Sydney certainly has a bag one of a kind.
    You have a real eye for fabrics to develop into unique designs/projects.
    No wonder we could never find clothes that pleased you. They weren’t there. You hadn’t designed them yet.

  2. So what would it take for me to get a diaper bag like this? I love it! And I hate my diaper bag…

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