Month 2

Goodness time flies.  I can barely remember those hazy first days…they seem so long ago, yet also sometimes seem like it was just yesterday.  It is odd really.

First to report, she is eating very well.  We had a chat; mom-to-daughter; and we agreed that she had to figure out breastfeeding by her 1-month birthday or we were going to go straight to pump n’ bottle feed while I was on maternity leave.  Lucky her (me?) she figured it out a few days before her ultimatum and we have been happily feeding ever since.  We still haven’t figured out how to peacefully breastfeed in public, but that I’m not too worried about.  As long as I don’t have to miss more than 1 feeding I’m comfortable enough to give her a bottle of milk instead of wrestling her underneath my hooterhider (which by the way has to be way easier to wear/use/maneuver when you are not wearing winter clothing for it to cling to and make you stuffy).

She is quite the squirmer.  Loves to just kick kick kick those little legs.  Great for me, I can plop her on the floor and tie bells to her ankles for a good hour of entertainment (while I do something else…like sew).

Which brings me to the next thing.  I finally got back on my sewing machine!  What’s a Hawkeye fan to do living here in MD with an important bowl game and nothing for her babe to wear (except for a super cool hawkeye hat — thanks Al and Katie!)?  She makes her own Hawkeye gear of course!

Amazingly Hancock Fabrics had an Iowa print, and I took some felt and stitched a black “I” onto a white onesie.  It came out pretty sweet if you ask me.  According to Royce…the lace “made the pants”, and I would have to agree!  And check out that big belly on her!  Hilarious!

I also completed our diaper bag (I promise a picture soon!).  I started when I was about 38 weeks pregnant and it just never got finished.  I fashioned it from a couple of patterns and my own inspiration.  The fabric was a steal of a deal from Ikea and I let Royce pick it out so that he would feel cool carrying it.  All and all, it’s pretty functional, however I wish it would stand up on its own.  Although the fabric is sturdy, the overall feeling is floppy.

OK, back to Sydney.  She is the cutest, smartest baby around (we are biased of course).  She is doing all the things she should be doing so far.   Probably ahead of the curve on holding up her big ol’ head…she is a curious little bean always looking around.  I’m sure her list of things to do and discover will get even longer in the months to come.

This past week she got to go down to the big city.  We wanted to check out the Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition Collection at the National Portrait Gallery and the weather finally warmed up enough for us to attempt a venture downtown.  She had a grand old time (and so did Mom and Dad).  We even caught a few more of the other exhibitions, one of which was a fantastic segment of the “Portraiture Now: Communities” that portrayed 180 people from Maquoketa, Iowa.  We also ran into a large mural by the Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton.  I remember learning about his art and seeing it at galleries growing up.  Dare I say we have another artist to plan our next nursery around?

This month we also embraced the big-girl bath.  No more sponge baths for this girl!  I pulled out this tub a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t turned back. She LOVES bath time.  Just sits there in awe…not a peep out of her (except a few seconds when you put her in and take her out).  So much nicer on Mom than the sponge baths which she screamed through.  Sometimes I actually use bath time as a way to calm her down during the o’ so lovely ‘witching hours’ of 4-9PM.

I’ve got 4-weeks left of maternity leave and I never thought I would say it… but I could totally see myself staying at home and being with this kid 24/7.  Alas bills need to get paid and I didn’t go to school to get a doctorate for nothing so I need to work a few more years (or move back to the Midwest) to make it all feel more worthwhile.  I’ll enjoy every ounce of these last 4-weeks though!  Check out more pictures from month #2 here, and be sure to read the captions!


  1. Glad to hear everything’s going well! I hear you on staying home — alas, it is seriously not an option for us. And then when I really start fantasizing about staying home 24/7, I remember that most of the stay-at-home moms who I know really have nothing to talk about other than babies. Some adult time most days is a good thing, I think. The first few weeks were really hard (and it’s still a challenge to leave him every day), but if you’re comfortable and happy with your caregiver, ultimately it’s really not that bad. Still, enjoy every second of your last 4 weeks!

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