Thawing out

I must apologize for the lack of blogging lately…I’ve kinda got a little something that keeps me busy!  It also doesn’t help that our basement (where my computer is) is an ice-box.  I’m kicking myself that we didn’t get new windows put in when we remodeled that space.  We saved a few bucks at the time, but now we have a room we can’t use for 3-4 months of the year without plugging in an electric heater. 

We have had snow on the ground for about a month now…a record for this area.  Wind has been a blowin’ too (which doesn’ t help the poor window situation).  It’s become common to see our dining room curtains billow as the wind howls through.  Which absolutely kills me because the furnace has run non-stop these past months as I’ve been home all day and I have to keep it at a relatively normal temperature for the wee-one. 

Things are starting to thaw out however.  I’ve finally sloughed off the long underwear I’ve put on each day under my jeans and hopefully spring will be here soon.  Supposedly it will be in the upper 40’s tomorrow, and we hope to take Sydney for her first trip downtown for a little culture!

Sometimes between feedings or errands all I can get up are some photos but I don’t have the time to link them to the blog.  You can always check Flickr…the place where I’ve decided to keep all our photo-fun.  Our photostream is here.  Book mark it if you like, and check back often.  The newest photos always appear first…and the newest ‘sets’ (groups of photos I upload in batches and try to organize them as such) will always be on the right-hand side of your screen.  And if you forget…don’t worry!  The newest activity always appears here on the blog down the right hand side…just click on ‘more photos’ and you will find our Flickr home.

Thats enough housekeeping for the day!  I’ll post more photos soon, maybe even some video (gasp!), along with a run down of our 2nd month. 

Stay warm!

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