4 weeks

It’s been 4 weeks since Sydney came into this world.   Yesterday as we were sitting at home it was strange to think that 4-weeks ago we were heading to the hospital.  It still seems like yesterday.  I blame the sleep deprivation and how each day sort of blends into the next since everything is determined based on feed schedules.  Almost everyday runs like this:

  • 5 AM feed, after – try to go back to sleep if possible
  • 8 AM feed, after – set Syd in bouncy seat next to sliding glass door so she can count squirrels, Mom eats breakfast while checking email.
  • 11 AM feed, after – put Syd in crib for nap, do stuff around the house, eat lunch, maybe entertain a visitor or nap
  • 2 PM feed, after – walk dog, nap or run errands
  • 5 PM feed, after – tummy time for Syd, eat dinner
  • 8 PM feed, after – sleep for everyone (as long as possible)
  • 12 or 1 AM feed, after – go back to sleep
  • repeat cycle…

As you can see there isn’t much variation which is why the last month is a bit muddled.  In the beginning we were pretty good at having 1 person stay up during the night while the other person hunkered down in our bedroom with the sound machine.  This allowed for the person in the bedroom to get quality un-interrupted sleep even if it was only for 2-4 hours.  Lately we have been experimenting with having her in our room in her basinett and last night we tried out her crib.  She seems to take to sleeping almost anywhere so we are lucky in that regard.

Since her birthday Sydney has shrunk, and grown some more.  We will find out on Tuesday, at her one month visit, if she has grown anymore.  I do belive she has gotten longer if not a bit fatter since our last visit.  I have shrunk too but we aren’t hoping that I grow again anytime soon. 

In addition to her progress in eating (she is latching normally about 95% of the time!!!)  she has gotten pretty good at holding her big ol’ head up.  She has been pretty curious since birth…even the doctor was impressed with her head control at her 1 week visit.  She will just lay on our chests and look at the Christmas tree lights and then move her head to the other side to gaze at lampy (lamp in our living room that she adores!). 

She also loves staring at her shapes which is nothing more than 6 black and white graphics I printed off and placed next to her changing table, inside her bassinet and next to the boppy on the sofa.  All are within gazing distance of her teeny eyes and it’s amazing how she will go from wailing her head off to complete silence and awe when she sees her ‘shapes’.  True miracles these graphics are I say.

These past few days there has also been increased eye contact and she is occasionally able to follow objects with her eyes too.  There are also some hints of smiles and maybe some early cooing sounds that we are starting to recognize.

All and all it’s been a pretty amazing 4 weeks.  She has watched a ton of football with Dad (this is a great time of year to be cooped up at home…football on almost every night!) and has been exposed to many James Bond movies during his night-time shifts.  She spends a lot of time with me too…mostly our time revolves around feeding though.  I’m getting better at spending time reading, talking and playing with her now that the feed sessions aren’t lasting as long as they used to. 

I’m sure the next 4 weeks will be even better than the first.  We are pretty lucky to have a baby with such a sweet temperament that has taken to a pretty solid routine over these past few weeks!

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