A little morale boost

I knew going into it that being pregnant would attract copious amounts of unsolicited advice and comments.  However, I was never prepared for how many of them would be so negative in tone.  I’m sure people really aren’t trying to be negative…they probably think they are trying to be cute or “prepare” you.  But I would like to know a responsible adult who has waited to have children who didn’t think just for a moment before getting pregnant that; 1) their life would never be the same and 2) raising children can be _____ (fill in the blank:  life changing, expensive, difficult, time consuming, tiring).

We once got trapped talking to the most miserable parents of all time at a party when I was barely in my 2nd trimester.  They moaned on about sleep deprivation, day care costs, lack of freedom, no traveling…yada yada.  When we finally broke away from them Royce and I swore to never say anything negative about pregnancy, labor or raising children to a couple who is expecting …even if we are so far down in the dumps we can’t see a wee light at the end of the tunnel.  Or if we feel the need to be seemingly negative (and lets face it sometimes the truth about babies IS negative) we have to balance it out with a positive.

To help me through this last week, when all seems to be moving so slow, I posted the following as my Facebook status and put a charge to my parenting friends out there:

“after months of negative/ho-hum/sarcastic comments on “what we are getting ourselves into” and “if your tired now, just wait!” and “your life is gonna change! wink wink”…I would like a day of positive comments!  So Moms and Dads tell me the good things about how your baby or child has changed you, or your life, or anything…just keep it positive.  I can’t take anymore cutesy miserable threats.”

Below are some snippets of their beautiful comments…

  • Just think how cute a little baby girl is!  So cute!
  • Take time to view the world through a child’s eyes and all the things on your “To Do” list magically become less of a priority.
  • Becoming a mom was the best thing I ever did, you are about to start the best chapter of your life.
  • You will soon have a new very best friend!
  • She will have the softest skin you have ever felt.  Every little coo will melt you.  Nursing her will be so amazing.
  • The smile you are gonna get when you go into to get your baby in the morning makes everything ALL worth while.
  • Nothing beats the feeling of when your little one reaches for you and you know that the only person they want and need at that moment is you.
  • Having a child is like watching your heart beat outside of your chest and it is the most amazing feeling!
  • You don’t know how much you can unconditionally love someone until you see your sweet baby’s face.  And they’re so cuddly!
  • To know that your little one is solely dependent on you for everything – nourishment, shelter, security and LOVE is an awesome feeling.
  • Even if you have a terrible day, once you see your baby’s smile, hold them, snuggle with them and kiss them everything is alright.
  • Being a parent has made me a better person. You will find you are a stronger and more compassionate person than you ever realized before.
  • My boys crack me up every day.  They are so cute & cuddly.  It is so fun to see them smile and develop more each day.
  • No one will ever make you feel as loved. Soft little hands on your cheeks… Millions of little kisses… Sneaking out of bed for “one more hug”… Fussing with everyone but you…She will be the most amazing gift you’ve ever received.
  • You know how when you have had a hard day at work and you can wait get home and have a beer and relax? When you come home and have that wonderful baby to and hug… it is way better than that beer. (and when you are not pregnant anymore you can also have that beer).

Thank you to all my wonderful friends, now I’m content and smiling and feel more than ready to face this next challenge in life.

The next time you see a pregnant woman (especially one at the end of her wits) skip the sarcasm, tell her one of those above things and make her day.

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