Showered with gifts and books


Feeling more and more ready each and every day.  Last weekend was my baby shower.  Both Grandmas-to-be were here along with Aunt Monica.  Good times!  With the help from a few other friends, my friend Leigh from work hosted at her new beautiful home in DC.  Girlfriends from near and far came to celebrate all that is baby girl over brunch and mimosa’s.


(I’m not sure how I one can get through an entire baby shower with out a good photo of ‘the belly’ but what you see above is about as good as it gets because all the other photos I’m sitting down and well I just look sorta fat or I have gifts in the way and you can’t see anything).

One of the organizers had the brilliant idea of giving books instead of cards so I got a solid stack of great books to start off our collection.


This is baby girl will definitely be dry and warm.  I got about 5 hooded towels, and thanks to the grandma’s 3 awesome baby blankets.Untitled-1 copyAfter a few loads of laundry later we have the majority of the things we need for the first few weeks at the ready.  I’m completely amazed at how small these onesies are.  I can’t imagine anything being that small.  Watching Royce fold them sorta melts ones heart it’s so cute.


  1. I love the sweet TINY onesies!! And they outgrow them in just a couple of weeks:) You’ll look at them in a few months and just marvel that she was ever that small.

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