Give us a heart attack will ya?

We had our 36 week sonogram yesterday which threw our day into chaos.  All ended well but it took me a while to come down from being so tense.  And when I did come down I didn’t realize how tense I was.

Long story short, a finding on a sonogram at 20 weeks was back (it had disappeared at the 29 week sonogram) which caused concern and lead to a referral to a Maternal and Fetal Medicine specalist for a more high tech sonogram of baby’s heart.  When I called the MFM specialist they tell me the next appointment isn’t until a week from now, which given how I’m on the 4-week home stretch seemed a bit lackadaisical on their part.  Royce worked his ‘professional courtesy’ magic and manage to swing us an appointment yesterday at 1 (a perk to being married to a doctor which easily makes up for all those nights alone).  We got to see baby close up and personal on a big flat screen and after about a 30-min sonogram and a visit with the MFM doc were reassured that the thing they are seeing on the sonogram are meaningless sound reflections and that baby’s heart is perfectly fine.

So big sigh of relief.  It’s the first problem/scare we have had with this 40 week journey so I consider ourselves extremely lucky.  It opened our eyes to how vulnerable these little people are and how much control we don’t have over the situation.  And how much you can care and worry about something you have yet to even meet.

They even had H1N1 vaccines and gave us BOTH one.  Very nice of them since here in MD  the distribution of the vaccine seemed to skip over emergency health care workers and go straight to the public where you have to stand in long lines to receive.


  1. Glad to hear everything is all right. That would be so scary! I understand that worry — I had to have two level 2 sonograms with the maternal-fetal specialist when I was pregnant with Jake because of my heart condition. They were worried it could recur in him.

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